Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


15. Epilogue

After graduating,

   me and Dante have moved to Coup De'Ti. We managed to settled in like normal people. 


"Hey, Etdzzy. "

      Dante called out my name. I quickly turn around and saw him playing with the flowers. I giggled. I wish days like this could go on forever.

  But, I know, this will end someday. I smiled weakly and Dante approached me. He pulled my waist closer to his and kissed me.

  " Don't give me that weak smile, we just moved in together. Smile like there's no tomorrow. " 

I looked at him. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. "I love you more than anything , Etdzevine."

  I nodded. 

"I love you too, Dante. More than my own life or anything else in the world."


"I'm back.. and this time.. I won't stop until you're dead."


  "Dante ! Have you seen my pictures ?", I asked while rummaging the boxes for my old pictures. "Oh, you mean these ?". I looked back and saw Dante holding all of them. I approached him and snatched them. "Hey, no kiss ?", he laughed. I smiled and kiss him. 

  "Happy ?". Right when I was about to leave, he grabbed my wrist. "I'm more than happy. Being with you is the most greatest choice I have ever made." It was a bit shocking seeing him so serious about something after so long. I hugged him tightly.


  Our lives was perfect. Lewis came often. We hang out together like we used to. 

But, one day.. SHE appeared ..


To be continued ..


Nevermore Academy is complete !

  * Thank you for reading so far ! May God bless all of you ! <3

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