Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


3. Enrolling into the new academy

Several days passed, and I was locked up in the room.

  Now that I think about it, those 'people' or creatures are wearing the same uniform. Is this an academy ? I lie down on the bed and finally I fell asleep. I know, I'll get fat if I keep eating and sleeping but, there was nothing I could do. This room is big but it's empty. It's full of books and letters scattered everywhere.

 When I woke up, I think it was already night. As I walk towards the door, I noticed there was a letter on the desk. Huh .. ? It might be that guy again. The letter says , 


 Just want to let you know that you'll be enrolling in this academy starting tomorrow. Your uniform will sent over early in the morning. Since you're a junior, you'll be starting your training after lunch. And guess what ? Since you're different than others, I will be teaching you and become your private teacher. Don't worry, I'll go easy on you.

  But, if you do anything weird, I'll burn your face. So, I'll be looking forward to meet you again after our first meeting. Oh and, you look funny when you're asleep. Haha ! "

I was right ! This IS an academy ! Wait -- I'll be enrolling too ?! This is a nightmare ! I don't want to study here ! I want to go home !

Next morning ..

    Knock knock !

H-huh .. ? Oh, no ! I'm late ! I quickly open the door and saw a beautiful girl in front of the door carrying my uniform. She smile at me and gave me the cloth. "You shouldn't be late, girl. Dante will be upset if you're late." Wait-- is this noon already ? "U-uh, what time is it ?", I asked."I've been knocking on your door for awhile now. Let's see.. oh ! It's lunch time already."

 What ?! I've been sleeping all this time ?! I thanked the girl and quickly change my clothes. I've managed to fix my face, my hair and brush my teeth. I rushed out and search for that 'guy'. She said his name is Dante. I was running without looking where I was going and I accidentally bumped a guy and fall down. When I looked at him, he's cute. He's an elf !

  "Oh, I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you ?", he asked while helping me up. I shook my head. "You're the little junior everyone's talking about. Huh .. they were right about one thing though." He said while smiling at me. I look up and he laugh. "They were right when they said you're cute!",he said while pinching my cheek.

 "O-oh, no, I'm just an average human girl. That's all ," I said. His face expression changed. "Human ? But, you're not -- ", before he even continue, someone grabbed my hand and when I look who it was, it was HIM.

Oh, no. He looks angry. "Shouldn't you be in class now, Lewis ?", he said in a harsh tone. "Ah, yes, I was but I bumped onto this girl just now." He smiled at me and walked away. Gulp. I slowly turn my head to look at HIM but when I did, he burn my hand. "Gaah ! Stop it !!", I shouted while slapping his shoulder. But, this time, the fire wasn't hurting me at all. It slowly turn blue, and it looks weak.

He didn't turn his face away and kept looking at where Lewis went. What's going on with those two? Gasp. Don't tell me. They're gay ? "Uh.. you see, I still don't know you're name", I said, but he didn't even look at me and replied, "Dante Atticus.. and that elf was, Lewis Beinion."

 "Hey.. can I ask you something, Dante ?". He nodded but still keep looking at where Lewis went."Um, why are you looking at him like that ? Are you guys.. y'know ~ Gay ? I mean, I'm cool knowing my teacher is gay and I respect that ."He suddenly turn his gaze to me with a weird expression. All of a sudden, the fire turn into huge flames. 

"What the hell ?! Let go !!", I shouted. Okay, now I know he's angry. "GAY ?! I LOVE CHICKS NOT GUYS ! AND WHY THE HELL WERE YOU LATE ?!", okay, he's furious. I should have not said that. This couldn't get any worse, right ?

  I was wrong. This is WORSE ! Life ! When I said , 'this couldn't get any worse' , it wasn't a damn CHALLENGE ! My training was hard and it could be fine if it was somewhere private but no. He wanted me to train in front of his classroom. Everyone was looking at me and they're like .. "This is it ? What's going on here?". If only I could punch Dante to get his mind right, but if I did that, I might as well be ashes. After awhile, Dante approached me. "What do you want ?!", I shouted. My training was to keep my balance right with just standing with one leg. And I have to admit, it's really lame !

  " I was going to offer you some water and to rest a little bit, but , if you don't want to --," I quickly snatched the water from his left hand and run away. Trying to run away from Dante is REALLY hard. Wherever you go, he knows. He might kill you if you try hiding in library or in the principal's office. But, I decided to hide near a huge tree.

  I lean over the tree and sigh. I drank the water slowly and suddenly I felt someone's hand on my right shoulder. "AAAHH ! Please don't kill me ! I just want to rest ! I've been standing with one leg for 6 hours ! Please don't kill me !", I said while bowing. Then, I heard laughter. I look up. It was Lewis. " You've been standing for 6 hours with one leg ? You're really impressive." He said while giggling. He sat down next to me.He hugged both of his legs. When I looked at him, his blue eyes was looking at the sky. His blue hair was slowly being blow by the wind. Then, he looked at me and smile." I hope you'll be able to do your training with Dante as your teacher." Seriously, what's the biggy between those two ?

"If it's not a trouble, may I ask what happen between you two ?", I said. He shook his head and said, "No trouble at all." He slowly lean over the tree and started talking."Well, you see. I was like you, y'know. I got lost in the woods and Dante found me.But, I was just a regular elf that time,well, at least that's what I think. Dante help me found out what my skills and help me train with it. It was going well, because Dante was always there to help me out. But, I know sooner or later, Dante won't always be there to help me. I train all day and all night. I ended up forgetting who I was, and tried using my skills to hurt other students."

  Oh, so that's what happen ? Lewis smiled and continued, "Dante was furious and I got in a fight with him. I was weak that time, because my energy was drained. But, I never gave up. I wanted to show to everyone that I was stronger. The battle between me and him was like hell. It ended with a scary ending. Dante was angry and he accidentally burn my face. My face looks horrible and I fall down. Dante quickly came near me and hold my hand. He apologize over and over but I just smiled. I used my skills and heal all his wounds. Because of that, I passed out for years. It was more like a coma." He closed his eyes and smiled. 

  He's smile is somewhat so sad."But, why is he so angry at me ?". I look up and said, "Maybe it's because you used all your energy to heal him instead of yourself. You got injured and your face was burned. Dante's injury was not that serious." He looked at me and put his hand on my cheek.He smiled and said, "I do hope you're right..", I really was speechless that time. "I still don't know you're name", he said in a weak tone. "It's Aeolia .. Aeolia Knight.. Pleasure to meet you", I said. "Same here .. I'm Lewis Beinion. I hope we could get along just well,Aeolia", was his last words until he suddenly fell asleep.

 I let him sleep on my lap. All of a sudden, I heard a devil's voice. "WHERE ARE YOU HIDING, AEOLIA ?! ANSWER ME !!", oh shit ! I forgot about him. Might as well tell him I'm behind this huge tree. "Dan--", before I could even said his name, I was too late. I was found. His hand on my head was painful. "D-Dante ! Let go !!", I shouted. "WHEN I SAID REST , THERE WAS NO WAY IN HELL I MEANT 2 HOURS !!", he stopped as soon as he saw Lewis.His face expression changed. "What's he doing here ?", he asked. " Uh, why do you care ? Lewis was tired and he came here to rest. But I was here as well, so we chat and he fell asleep". He nodded. 

 "Let him rest and we'll continue our training tomorrow." He's walking away. "Dante ! I know what happen between you two !". He stopped his steps and looked at me. "How did you know ?",he asked with his scary expression. Gulp. I should have not say that. "L-Lewis told me". He was quiet for awhile and finally said , "What he told you wasn't really true." Then, he walked away.


Then.. what really happen ?

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