Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


7. Dante, My Hero ♥

"I see.. These dreams, does it always happen ?", the principal asked.

   I shrugged. "It just happen recently. The shadows kept bothering her and whenever she sleeps--", before I continued, Lewis barged in. "Dante !! You have to help Aeolia !". Without even looking back, I rushed outside.

  "What happened ?!", I asked. 

Aeolia was standing on a narrow ledge. " I don't know !! I woke and bam ! I'm standing on this thing !!", she shouted back at me. "Just don't look down !". She closed her eyes tightly and shouted back, "You think ?!".

  "Lewis ! Did you tried going there ?", I asked. Lewis nodded. "Yeah, but it started to shake when I got near her ". When I looked around, I saw shadows behind her. Are they going to.. push her ?

"Woah ! Ack !", she almost fell but she managed to hold onto the narrow ledge. As I thought, these shadows are trying to hurt her. Or worse, kill her. Everyone was shouting and pointing at Aeolia."I can't hold on much any longer !", she shouted. 

 Okay, okay ! I run below her. "Let go ! I'll catch you !!".

    "Are you CRAZY !? Hell no ! You'll drop me !!".

 "Just trust me ! Aeolia, let go !".

    She didn't say anything for awhile , then she nodded. "Okay .. I'm coming .. down !". She slowly let go and I quickly catch her. "Ooof ! Ughh... You're heavier than you look", I said. She pushed me away with an angry expression. I grabbed her hand and whisper to her, " I'm glad that you're safe now." I gave her a smile and walked away.


"Lewis ! Can you please tell Dante that I'm sick ?", I was too lazy to meet him so I like making up excuses to skip training. Hehe ~ 

  "Hmm .. ? Again ? Are you really sick ?", Lewis asked. He comes early in the morning to accompany me until Dante comes. I nodded. Lewis came closer to me and hold my forehead. He smiled and said, " You're just doing this to skip training right ?", he asked me with his teasing looks. I made an innocent look and begged him to keep it as a secret.

"You know, if you keep this up, he'll figure it out eventually, Aeolia".Lewis grabbed his backpack and walked towards the door. " Wait ! Lewis , where are you going ?'', I asked. 

 "Oh, I forgot to mention, I have morning classes now." He didn't told me this ! Hmphh ! I quickly cover myself with the blanket. "Aww, come on Aeolia. Don't be angry, I thought I already told you."

I didn't say anything and after awhile, I fell asleep. 

  Why is it so cold ? And, I feel like I'm not on my bed. H-huh ?

Oh shit. "HELP !!!", I shouted. I was standing on a narrow ledge. I slowly look down. Oh God ! This building is so tall ! What building is this anyway ?! Students started to gather below me. "Aeolia ! Is that you !?". That voice !

  "Lewis !!", I shouted.

"What are you doing up there ?!".

  "Sight-seeing. I don't know !! I woke up and here I am !! Lewis, please help me get down !".

"O-okay ! I'm on my way !".

The building was tall so Lewis took some time to get up. When he arrived, the floor started to shake. He stopped approaching me and got out from the building. " Aeolia ! I'll go get help !".

  He's leaving me ?! " L-Lewis !!".

The other student tried to help but there's always trouble. A pegasus tried approaching me but his wings got hurt. After awhile, Lewis came back with Dante. Shit ! Why him !?

"What happened ?!", he asked.

    " I don't know !! I woke and bam ! I'm standing on this thing !!", I replied him back.

 "Just don't look down !". Wow, tell me something I already know.I closed my eyes tightly. "You think ?! ", I shouted.

  There was silence for awhile. Then, I felt someone pushing me from behind. "Woah !! Ack !! ".

Oh God, I'm still alive ! " I can't hold on much longer !!". Dante ran below me.

  "Let go ! I'll catch you !!". WHAT ?!

"Are you CRAZY !? Hell no ! You'll drop me !!", I shouted at him.

  "Just trust me ! Aeolia, let go !".

 Can I trust him ? I'm wearing my night gown, it'll be embarrassing if I keep hanging here. I slowly nodded. "Okay .. I'm coming .. down !", and finally, I let go. I'm falling ! I closed my eyes tightly and put both of my hands to my face. Then, I landed on something soft. "Ooof ! Ughh... You're heavier than you look", Dante's voice was the first thing I heard.

  He's face was so close to mine. I slowly turn my face and pushed him away. Lewis was standing behind Dante. I quickly stood up and suddenly, my hand was grabbed by Dante. He came closer to my ear and whispered " I'm glad that you're safe now." He smiled at me and walked away. 

 Lewis approached me and embraced me. "Thank God.. You're safe now".

I didn't return the hug, instead, I was just watching Dante until .. he's finally gone.


" I'm sorry to rush out earlier, sir." I bowed down deeply to the principal. He walked towards me and laugh. " You left the office without even looking back ! Ah, I see you care for this girl." I looked at the principal. "Pardon me, sir ?". I was a little confuse by his words. 

 " I watched it just now. Remarkable ! Without hesitation, you just asked her to jump ! Ahahah !! It feels like I'm watching a love story or what ever it's called !". The principal calmed down after laughing so much. " Ah, I never laughed like this for so long !". 

 "What's so funny ? I just asked her to jump ." He smirked and laughed again. "Ahaha ! Mr. Atticus, you saw IT, right ?". What is this old man blabbering now? " See what exactly ?". He laughed again and again. " She was wearing a night gown, right ? And, YOU, ran under her. Theeen, you looked up, righhhtt ?". My face turned red and I closed my face. 

The principal laughed while pounding the table. Oh God, he's right. I did saw it. " Damn you, old pervert ! I'm going out !!". I walked out and slammed the door. The principal just kept laughing.


Dante saved me .. 


Dante.. My hero 


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