Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


6. Adena Deveryn

I've been alone for awhile now.

  Dante was busy with his own training and Lewis was sent to the woods with some other students.

I've been awake for 2 days now. I can't sleep. Sabriel Chermoines, why did I dream about her ?

 Before leaving, Lewis gave me some sleeping pills just in case. I took two and eat it. I feel sleepy.


"Adena ! "

  Huh .. ? What's going on here ?

" Adena ! Come on, are you okay ?". A little boy came next to me and hugged me. "Thank God ! I thought you were dead !". What ? Dead .. ? 

 "Ughh.. What happen ?", I asked while holding my head. " You fell down from that tree." He pointed at tall tree. My head was bleeding. " Who are you .. ?", I finally asked. "Huh .. ? It's me, Virye. You're friend !". I'm friends with little kids ? How old am I anyway ?

 "Come on, let's get you back home, Adena. I'll help you." He hold my hand and started walking slowly. That tree. I looked back and saw shadows. I must've hit my head so hard. 

 When I arrived, my parents was crying and hugging me. " They told us you were dead !". Virye kept his distance and didn't say anything. "Thank you Virye ! Thank you for saving her."

What are they talking about ? Saving me ? 

  Virye nodded and smiled. " It wasn't hard", he said. " What can we do to repay you back ?", my parents asked. "I want Adena to be my wife !", he replied. "What ?! No way !", I shouted. My parents was shocked but they agreed. " Now, Adena, he saved you. This is how you repay him back !". I shook my head slowly. " How old am I ? How old is HE ?! ".

"I'm 11 and you're 13", Virye replied. " Well, in 7 years, we'll arrange the marriage and everything", my parents said. This isn't happening ! 


= Seven years have passed = 

Virye turned 18 yesterday. And I'm 20 years old now. I have to become his wife in order to repay him back. He's really handsome now but I don't want to marry him.

 " So, Adena. Tomorrow, we'll be married. Aren't you excited ?", he asked. I slowly shook my head. "Something's not right", I replied. I feel like something is missing. " What's not right ?", he asked again. " Tell me what happen about the day I fell down from that tree !", I shouted. "What really happen ?", I asked. He laughed. " That was 7 years ago ! Why do you want to talk about it now ?". I pushed him. " I died, right ? There was no chance for me to survive that fall ! What did you do to me ?!", I shouted. His face expression change. He grip my hand tightly. " Yes,you died. I remember clearly that you fell. I wanted you to come back to me. These shadows was everywhere. I asked one of them to enter your body !".

  "What ?! Are you crazy ?!", I shouted. He laughed. "Yes , I am crazy. Crazy for you. I fell in love with you ever since we met ! But, you were too busy to even make time for me. So, that day, I told you that my kite was stuck on that tree. I knew you were going to climb it. So, I just watched you fell and died. My great grandfather, Leon, said that, shadows can enter a dead body. But, by doing that, they have no memory." He smiled. I could feel a cold chill running through my spine. " All this time.. I was just a shadow ?". He nodded.

 I quickly ran away from him. Oh, God ! He's chasing me !! "ADENA !!"

  I'm a shadow ! Adena was long dead !! I can't believe it ! I have to get out from this body !

I can't hear him anymore ! Maybe he gave up ! All of a sudden, Virye was infront of me. I collapse to the ground. "What do you want from ME ?!", I shouted.He came closer to me .But, he didn't do anything. He helped me up and hugged me. " Don't .. Just don't.. I can't bare losing you again, Adena.. I just can't.. I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to get out from this body, right ? Please, don't do it. This is what happened to my great grandfather's fiancee." He was crying. I feel really bad now.

 He kissed my forehead and said, " I'll take care of you and love you, Adena. Just don't leave me again." But, if he really loves Adena, he would've help her when she fell down. No, I'm not Adena and I want to get out ! I pushed him and ran away. 

  I slipped and fell down. In front of me was a river flowing with strong currents. I slowly crawl and  enter the river. I was being swept away. The last image I saw was Virye before I closed my eyes. He was shouting and crying. "Goodbye"..


Oh, God. Another dream .. Why is this related to me anyway ?

  I walk towards the old newspaper article and guess what .. ?

True story. This happen decades ago.


  Tuesday, 3rd of May , 1899.

   Adena Deveryn was found dead near the Marblefall river. Some say she slipped and fell into the river. The person who found her body was Virye Reynfer. " She was my everything. We were supposed to get married tomorrow !!". He was the last person that talked and see Adena. 

 A few days after Adena's death, Virye was found dead hanged on a tree. It is said that he did this to himself. " He was sad that Adena passed away and maybe that's why he killed himself. No one have seen him for days, and now, he's dead." 

Up until now, people will see shadows playing near the tree where Virye died. They believed that Virye and Adena's spirit have been reunited once again.  - Reporter Keldrik


   At least, Adena and Virye was reunited. All of a sudden, Lewis and Dante came in. "What are you guys doing here ?", I asked. Lewis smiled and replied, " We came here to accompany you. You've been alone for awhile now, right ?". Dante sigh and took the newspaper article from my hands. "You've dreamed about it again ?", Lewis asked. I nodded and point at Adena and Virye's picture. "That boy fell in love with her since they first met. But, Adena rarely spend time with him. So, he decided to let Adena die so a shadow would replace her and love him. After 7 years, she was forced to marry him, but she found out that she was a shadow and suicide herself." Dante and Lewis looked at me. "What ? I'm telling the story here !", I said.

 " How did you get those dreams ?", Dante asked. I looked at him and shrugged. "Okay, let's go get some food, Aeolia !", Lewis quickly pulled me out from bed.


"There must be some sort of connection between her and the shadows.. but what ?", I asked myself after being left alone in Aeolia's room. First, shadows tried dragging her and now dreams ? Are they trying to tell her something ? 

  I have to report this to the principal.


Adena Deveryn .. My connection with her ? None, but why'd I dream about her ?

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