Louise is just a normal girl from think she'll fall in love with niall? Think again!


2. we meet again

Niall POV

I had a great time last night.

Louise was that kind of girl who wouldn't want u to get on her wrong side, but I like that.

I'm gonna call her...that's if I find my phone!

I could here loads of curious voices, oh shi-talking mushrooms,

" Have you started puberty" seriously Louis!

I Ran and grabbed my phone, who knows What shes Gonna say now,

"I'm so sorry, my mates are just very nosy and they-"

"Its OK, but next time, not too personal questions!"

I let out a small chuckle.

"Anyway... I was thinking, do u wanna hang out sometime?"

Shes nervous, she's not answering.

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