Louise is just a normal girl from think she'll fall in love with niall? Think again!


8. ooo la la

Niall POV

 Thank god, they came back, Louise looked really tired.

Liam, liam looked like he had a make out session, nahh they wouldn't do that, but don't think, you haven't even asked her yet.

"Were back" they said in unison.

" Louise are you OK? I was so worried I'm sorry" I panicked, I'm weird, whatever.

"Niall I'm fine, I just need some sleep, thanks anyway"

 She ran upstairs and went to her room.

" The docter says she needs some rest and it was just a minor accident"

 I sighed in relief.


Liam POV


" Guys I'm gonna go sleep see ya"


I went into lollipops room and sat down on the edge.

"Promise me we won't do that in a very long time" she said.

I raised up my pinky and  we said "pinky promise"

I kissed her on her forehead and went to my room.

I had a very looking day.


Louise POV


 I worked up to hear my fave song on the radio, one republic counting stars!

I started to dance and sing while the boys were laughing at me.


"Um.. ERM.. nothing" they said.

I chuckled and made myself breakfast. I like the smell of whipped cream in the morning!

"Hi lollipop"

Hey nialler, sup?"

"Was gonna ask if you wanna come to banks with me"

Boy, what am I gonna do with him, I sighed.

"Sure, how about 5?"

"Its a date!"

He walked out the room when liam came in.

"Am I gonna have have a Congo with all of you boys?"

I chuckled.


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