Louise is just a normal girl from think she'll fall in love with niall? Think again!


5. I wanna go home!

Liam POV 

Omg its her, she doesn't look like it but she definitely sounds like her...I'm so happy.

I'm not being show off or anything, niall looks cheesed off, maybe he's jealous, but I don't care. I'm a man and I love it!

"I haven't seen you in ages!"

She smiled and said,

 "Me too!"

Niall interupted.

"Well maybe that's because she's Irish wolves boy!"

Yeah...he's cheesed off.

"Fudgecake nialler! Do you have to ruin the moment?!" She shouted.

God I love her when she shouts.

Anyway,she got up and she said,

"Niall where's the shower?"

"You don't have any clothes here"

She stared at him

"Niall...where's the shower"

He looked scared,wimp...

"On the bottom left"

I really don't know why...but I have feelings for Louise.


Niall POV 

I'm peed off right now.

Louise has a go at me and defends liam, and she tries to make me look like a wimp. I can tell she hates me already.

After that we had dinner, it had nuts in it. BIG MISTAKE.

 I didn't know she was allergic to them! Well its kinda my fault Cruz I didn't tell her we were having dinner.

As soon as she went into the ambulance van she screamed.


 Oh shoot...her mom will know.

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