Louise is just a normal girl from think she'll fall in love with niall? Think again!


12. how did he find out?

Louise POV

Yeah, it was a mistake and I know I'm messed up, but he can't just offend liam...that's just sick.

And yeah, it was twice but still?!?

Many questions are going through my head...I knew what I had to do. I rushed to the practise room only to hear,

"At least I didn't manipulate her into have sex with me!!!"

Rightio....where's the-Im sorry niall, you've gone too far.

I grabbed the vase and tip-toed quietly to niall, I don't think he needs to remember me...(you'll see what I'm doing later:-) )


I uncontrollably hit niall in the head with a vase...nice going Louise, NOT!

"Wait, I got this...I had a nursing degree---No No like that!"

After a few minutes he said,

"I think he's got a memory loss...or lucky he won't remember that"

(A/N you see what I did???)


Imogene POV

Louise has had a temper, yeah, there's a chance she'll kill somebody.

I quickly left after hearing that bang, I wouldn't want to witness it would I?

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