Louise is just a normal girl from think she'll fall in love with niall? Think again!


3. Dancing in the rain

Louise POV 

OMG Louise! Answer the god damn man!

"Sure, sorry I kept you waiting"

I could tell he was smiling,I love it!

"Its OK princess"

Oh my days he called me a princess...Louise stop it! You can't fall for him, your supposed to mess him up!

"Uh,OK see ya!"

I quickly cut him off as my mom came in.

She gave me a long lecture about using protection, she really thinks I'm gonna pull him, doesn't she? (A/N your gonna love this bit!) I went into the shower and started to sing 'the way' by Ariana grande. When I finished I put on pink leggings which said hot baby on my bum and a jumper which has a musical note on it.

I skipped all the way to the park thinking about 1D (A/N forgot to mention that! Sorry) and I saw niall on the swings. As soon as I got on I heard a umph sound.

"I'm fat you see?"I whispered.

He chuckled and said,

"Don't look like it to me"

We both laughed and we pushed each other on the swings and had ice cream.

"Louise, I want you to meet my band mates"

I froze and let out one word.


A/N if you want to be the child version of Louise comment your looks, and plz don't ask why cuz u will see why I need Mini Louise later!

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