Under The Under World


Everyone has heard some type of story. A story of angels and demons and the hatred the two have for each other. But once long ago they made a treaty. A child shall be born and will bring angels and demons together making peace for all of eternity and destroy all the evil on the earth. But in the midst of the chaos in heaven it was lost. It fell from the sky in the rain fall and was never seen again.....read on to find the secrets that lie Under The Underworld.


2. Chapter Two

Under The Underworld

Chapter Two: 

Valeria's POV: 

The house we arrived at was huge. Emphasis on huge! I wondered what it looked like on the inside because outside it liked like a big old country house! All that was missing was a barn and horses grazing the meadow in the back of the house. I figured this Greenwich houses were going to be all modern and sleek but this was simply amazing! Here in Connecticut they were an hour ahead so since it was 7 AM back home it was 8 AM here. The sun had already risen ad was just above the house casting a shadow on the driveway and front yard. The front yard was large and had a sign on the grass that said "White Lily Manor." I had never seen a house with a name before so this shocked me. The front porch was a wrap around and had a balcony above it. The house was Yellow but the shutters and porch and balcony railings were a coral white. "Sweetie, You can choose one of the rooms upstairs and get settled in. Shower and get dressed because we're going into town." My mom instructed me. I nodded her way and made my way towards the door. I knew we were in a hurry so i glanced at everything quickly before finding the stairwell. As i ascended the stairs I looked at the steppes. They were wooden but had a tan rug going down it that had floral designs. I chose the room that had the balcony and placed my suitcases on the bed. I pulled out clothes and looked for a decent outfit.

The house smelled strange. It had a sent of pine and ginger. It wasn't a smell i would expect in a house like this. Especially when the woods weren't for miles. I had gotten out of the shower and was fixing my hair. Mom had probably called me a million times now, but after a while i connected my iPod to the speaker and let the sweet sound of Secondhand Serenade drown out her shouts. (http://www.polyvore.com/day_at_park/set?id=103860273)   I wore a blue lace dress with a beige jacket over it and white lace toms. I put on my diamond studs and a blue andsilver heart   necklace ended at my collar bone. I checked my make up one last time before grabbing my blue satchel and going downstairs. I found mom in the kitchen putting everything in her 'never-ending' purse. I'm serious you could stuff a walrus in there. She looked at me and smiled. "Finally, honey! we've been waiting for ages!" I always loved my moms voice. She was originally from England but moved to Wisconsin when she graduated high school. In college she met my dad. I didn't mention my thoughts except for one. "we?" My mom shook her head with a smile on her face. She had a look that said 'man this girl is clueless.' "Honey,  Steven is coming too!" Steven is my mothers fiancé. I hate him with a passion. He acts as if he wants to replace my dad. This will NEVER (emphasis on EVER) happen.   I scowled silently as he walked into the kitchen. "well  then let's get going we don't want to get stuck in traffic!" he joked to himself. I didn't laugh. 

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