Under The Under World


Everyone has heard some type of story. A story of angels and demons and the hatred the two have for each other. But once long ago they made a treaty. A child shall be born and will bring angels and demons together making peace for all of eternity and destroy all the evil on the earth. But in the midst of the chaos in heaven it was lost. It fell from the sky in the rain fall and was never seen again.....read on to find the secrets that lie Under The Underworld.


3. Chapter Three

Under The Underworld

Chapter Three

Valeria's POV: 

The ride was awkward and silent. Mom and Steven had their hands linked together as one of Steven's hand steered the wheel and my mom's other hand laid on her lap. I looked out of the window, my headphones in, and a frown planted on my face. The ride to downtown wasn't that long. It was just about a 20 minute ride. The country side was beautiful this Tim of year. The August son wasn't to hot and stood firmly in the middle of the sky, claiming earth as its own. I rolled down my window and stuck my hand out. I waved my hand up and down, and made curves through the air. I closed my eyes and focused on the wind. The song on my MP3 changed and I mouthed the words.                            I am so high. I can hear heaven. I am so high. I can hear heaven. Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me. And they say that a hero can save us I'm not gonna stand here and wait I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles Watch as we all fly away.   The words seemed to flow from my mouth and float through the air. I felt as light as air and the world around me seemed to dissolve. I pictured myself in a green meadow. The flowers were blossomed and a smell of citrus ran through the wind. I wore a white dress and was barefoot. My hair held a flower tiara and was wavy and smooth. I danced in circles, the sound of the horses hooves making the beat. I enjoyed this dream land but unfortunately reality always hits. The car lurched to a stop and I opened my eyes, pulling my ear buds out. "Where are we?" I asked. Cars honked and people shouted loudly. "Uh...we had to take a short detour." Steven replied. "Detour?" "Yeah, hun. We're kind of in Hartford right now. Hehe" "Why?" "Well Steven, is going to grab a small part for the car then we'll go to either Trumbull Mall or Stamford town center." I sighed. The GPS spoke loudly in its annoying robotic voice. I was an Android person. Siri was dumb and annoying to me. Plus, with all the stuff that happens to my phone, android is better. I mean I've dropped the thing 20 times now and not one scratch is on the screen or case. I plopped my ear  buds in and turned up the sweet voice of Wesley Stromberg. Emblem3 was a big ball of perfection. I snuck a look at the GPS. Only another 20 minutes till we got to the mall. Mom had decided we we're going to Trumbull Mall. It wasn't as large as others, but it was the closest. We could have gone to West farms mall but Steven wanted to be close to home.   Once we arrived at the mall, stares we received. Almost everybody in the place was Hispanic or dark skinned. (No offence meant. I'm Hispanic and my BFFL is Dark-skinned. I also live in CT so this is pretty accurate info.) The stores were different here. There was no debs. Apparently that is in the Meriden Mall, which is basically the biggest mall in the state. There was no urban outfitters, Topshop, or Nordstrom. (This is true and quite depressing.) "Sweetie, go look around. We're gonna go to the food court OK? Meet us here in an hour." I nodded my head an okay and went my separate way. -------I'd been in most of the stores. Most were small, but some were big. At the moment I was in Hollister. Pictures of male models plastered every other wall and the lights were dim. Hip beats played at a decent volume and in certain sections they had a thin display of mist. I browsed the clothing selections with keen eyes looking for something worth wearing. I ended up with a simple pair of Aviators and walked to the register. As I made my a person tripped on me and I started to plummet to the ground. The person grabbed my wrist, quite painfully, and pulled me up resting a hand on the small of my back to steady me. I looked up ready to insult and scowl the person for trampling me, but became lost in big bright Hazel eyes. Who the heck is this god of handsome and gorgeous standing before me?   A/N  SORRY THE CHAPTER WAS SO SHORT. IT WAS ORIGINALLY THE SECOND PART OF CHAPTER 2 BUT IT WOULDN'T PUBLISH THE WHOLE THING SO I JUST MADE THIS CHAPTER 3! HOPE YOU ENJOY!  P.S. COMMENT, LIKE & FAVORITE!!! 10 COMMENTS 10 LIKES AND 10 FAVORITES BEFORE I UPDATE!!
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