Under The Under World


Everyone has heard some type of story. A story of angels and demons and the hatred the two have for each other. But once long ago they made a treaty. A child shall be born and will bring angels and demons together making peace for all of eternity and destroy all the evil on the earth. But in the midst of the chaos in heaven it was lost. It fell from the sky in the rain fall and was never seen again.....read on to find the secrets that lie Under The Underworld.


1. chapter one

Under The Underworld CH.1

Chapter 1- Goodbye, sweetie pie

Valeria's POV

"Val! Come downstairs already! The trucks are here!" My mother's words
carried into my room where I was packing away the last of my things.
"Coming mom!" I yelled back. Today I was leaving my cozy home in Appleton,
Wisconsin to move in with my moms fiancé in Greenwich, Connecticut. He
apparently lived in a large mansion and was filthy rich. I disliked him
already. Mom and him met at a business convention 3 years ago and have been
inseparable since. They always call each other and have those petty little
"No you hang up first" conversations. Its disgusting and gross. Mushy and
mom do NOT go together. As I carried down the last box I looked into the
large full length mirror next to the door. My French braid was slowly
unweaving it self and a slight frizz had began. My eyes seemed exhausted
and my lips were in a firm pout. My tank top fit well and the jean shorts
were riding up my thigh a little. My all star converse were now beat up and
had paint splattered on the toes. I guessed I looked the same but I just
didn't...feel the same. The midsummer breeze blew in the open door way I
was standing in. Our house was always small, more of a shack then a house
really. Dad always called it a beauty though. He saw something in it that
me at first and mom couldn't see. "Artist eye, you'll get it soon Val and
you'll see the beauty in this place too." He had said to me. I did see it
though. Now I did. The potential this house truly had. Dad died 5 years ago
when I was 11. Now I'm 16 and leaving the biggest piece of him I have. Dad
and I started a mural. The back of the house had a large wall that was
perfect for it. It was like a diary. If I ever had a rough day or was
extremely excited about something and wanted to tell dad i'd paint it. The
wall was almost full. Another days with of drawing and it would be
complete. I hoped today I could finish it. We don't officially leave till
tomorrow. Only the workers and moving trucks start the journey today. When
I put the last box in the large truck and shut the door, the truck started.
I hugged myself tightly and watched it go knowing soon we would be
following. "Val are you ready to go to the hotel?" Mom asked. I couldn't
go, not yet. I shook my head and answered her, "Not yet, I just want to
finish the last part on sweetie pies message." Sweetie pie that's what dad
called the house. It fit well and since we called the mural the message it
was called "Sweetie pie's message". Mom sighed and nodded offering a weak



​Okay so this is the first chapter of my new story! It will get a lot better, i promise!!!! For now, COMMENT, LIKE, and FAVORITE!!

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