12th hunger games

Its only the 12th hunger games and a certain 5 boys are on it but they aren't famous and aren't friends yet


2. Tributes

D1: zayn Malik + Perrie Edwards

D2: Harry Styles and Raeol King

D3: Hugo District and Natalie Withamine

D4: Sam Ferdinand and  Rosday Ameliorate

D5: Liam Payne and Sophia Smith

D6: Benjamin Benacre and Lia Graces

D7: Thomas Hopocrathy and Georgia Rose

D8: Xenon Javier and Diana Ath

D9: Louis Tomlinson and Ealonor Calder

D10: Nathaniel Schmitt and Berta Achmore

D 11: Niall Horan and Jessica Bramall

D12:   Eddie Blyght and Alma Pudding

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