Give Me Love

“— I don't like walking round this old and empty house.”
“— Then hold me hand, I'll walk with you my dear..”

Falling in love isn't easy, it consists of heartbreak and losing trust. That's why Cerys doesn't want to fall in love, she's scared to get hurt. But when she falls for her best friend and YouTuber Finn Harries her whole world is about to change.. But will he feel the same way?


1. Early morning calls.

Cerys layed in her bed, her eyes were closed like she was sleeping but in all honesty she hadn't got a drop of sleep all night. She couldn't, she didn't know why.

To her left she heard her phone buzz. At first she ignored it, it was likely just to be a text from her foster mother telling her to get out of bed. But then her phone's ringtone when off. Whatever it was, it was obviously important. Rolling over she picked up the phone with a groan.

“Hello to you too... Sorry, did I wake you.” Said a familiar voice trough the phone — Finn.

“Nope, I've been awake for hours. Just wasn't excepting anyone to be calling me at –” She paused for a moment checking the time, so maybe it was later than she thought it was, it wasn't her fault, lack of sleep was messing with her head. “Okay, I didn't realise that was the time. So what's up anyway?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over today, I haven't seen you in weeks and I'm getting worried... Wait, up for hours? Don't tell me your having trouble sleeping again?”

“Not today, sorry. I have plans today, nothing too important but still plans. And don't worry about me, I'm fine... And no, I'm not having trouble sleeping again, I was just up early this morning to— ... Help my sister with something...”

“Cerys, don't lie to me. I know what you're like. And really plans? Well get rid of those 'plans' because I'm coming over to get you... I need your help for something anyway..”

Cerys groaned at what the male said, she didn't want to see him today, she couldn't let him see her like this. Her eyes made her look like she hadn't slept in months and she really didn't want him or his brother worrying about her. She didn't want a repeat of last time. Finn didn't give her time to protest before putting the phone down.

She placed her phone to the side of her and sighed a lot had to be done before he came so she looked remotely normal and less like she did now. Her phone buzzed again and she read the text from Finn that he'd just sent.

‘Pick you up in an hour.’

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