Forever and a Day

*For the Battle of the Fandoms comp*
We all sat there, like it was the end of the world. But it was. Without us. Without One Direction. We weren't crying- we never do. It was all Cherry's fault, the jealous witch. He was gone. There was nothing we could do...


4. Suspicions

Cherry raised my suspicions- she's been hanging around with us a lot more often, she's been coming to our concerts and waiting backstage for us. Like on Christmas day we performed and she even had the nerve to follow us back to our room, with out our permission.

She raced over to and sat on Zayn's chair, who demanded her to get off it... but then she sat on his lap! Zayn didn't try to get her off as I know that she's as light as a feather and as skinny as a twig. I wasn't sure what Zayn was thinking; it was head to tell when his head is buried in a blonde, wavy high pony tail.

Cherry has been chatting up Zayn and wearing more hip and cool clothes- instead of wearing a pair of jeans and any old t-shirt, she has been wearing things like a tiny mini skirt with an in fashion top. Recently she seemed to have dip-dyed the ends of hair pink and dumped her handsome footballer boyfriend, for no particular reason.

I was not impressed with this behaviour.

I had to talk to her privately, the little monkey, "Cherry can you come out side the room a second?"


As soon as we were outside the room I started on her, "Cherry what the hell do you think you're doing?" I was shouting and she told me to take a few deep breaths.

Cherry looked scared. She hadn't seen my angry side. I'm not just an obeying slave I can be more. I can be a devil, just like her, as after all we are family.

"Louis, look I'm sorry. I don't mean it. I don't want to do any harm. I thought that it would be best to get to know you more, now that I wont see you that much. I also wanted to get to know your band mates, 1 by 1. So I started with Zayn."

Her eyes twinkled. She was lying. She was up to something. It was obvious.

"Well," I took a deep breath, "If that's what you say but I think we should ask the boys if you're allowed to hang around, all the time."

Unfortunately the boys said she could stay, just because they thought she was 'cute' and 'pretty'.

If this wasn't suspicious, nothing was.

My suspicions were right. I knew they were.

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