Forever and a Day

*For the Battle of the Fandoms comp*
We all sat there, like it was the end of the world. But it was. Without us. Without One Direction. We weren't crying- we never do. It was all Cherry's fault, the jealous witch. He was gone. There was nothing we could do...


9. Mental Hospital

On New Years Day I was able to spend the day around my mum's house, since I was done with One Direction. Most of the family were there, including my auntie (Cherry's mum).

When I stepped inside I was immediately pushed outside again. It was Cherry's mum and she looked grave.

"Louis," She looked at me in the eye, "I have some important new to tell you."

I was confused, "What is it?"

"Well, " Auntie Kay took a deep breath, "Someone found Cherry and Zayn. In, in, in... America."

"AMERICA," I screamed, astonished. What were they doing there?

Auntie Kay carried on, "When they found her, they took her to a hospital as she wasn't thinking straight and Zayn wouldn't say a thing. The doctors inspected her and a few days later diagnosed her mentally ill."

"And Zayn?" I asked, finding it hard to take everything in.

"No-one knows. I think he's ashamed of himself for messing everything up for you guys and himself. He realises that he never should've agreed to Cherry's plan. She couldn't help it- I think that the jealousy just got to her and she had to do something about it. The signs show that she was ill, right from that day where we met up in that restaurant on your birthday."

I thought and thought and knew what I had to find Zayn.

But where?

Would he stay by Cherry's side?

Would he come back to England?

Would he start afresh in America?

I had to find out.

I had to visit the mental hospital.

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