Forever and a Day

*For the Battle of the Fandoms comp*
We all sat there, like it was the end of the world. But it was. Without us. Without One Direction. We weren't crying- we never do. It was all Cherry's fault, the jealous witch. He was gone. There was nothing we could do...


3. Christmas Eve, My Day

My birthday. Christmas Eve. An amazing day.

Me and the boys were just hanging about in our hotel room, yes you guessed it; our manager got us a gig over Christmas so we didn't see our family. And you know what that means, don't you. My birthday was spent in a four star hotel.

I missed my family the most, it was the first time that I had spent Christmas and my birthday without my family.

Harry was lying on the top bunk doing something private on his laptop, Niall had run topless down the street to the telephone box, to make a quick call about nothing in particular. Zayn was drawing something random which he wouldn't show me. Liam was posing at himself in a mirror, dressed up very smartly for no particular reason. And me, I was lying on the bunk bed beneath Harry, feeling upset and hurt. My family facebooked me saying 'Happy Birthday', but that was it. None of the lads remembered.

All of a sudden the door blew open, and a topless Niall rushed in saying, "Mission complete. It's settled. We got it for free."

Now that really got me confused.

All I knew was that a scarf was being put round my neck... and then was re adjusted round my eyes like a blind fold. I was being pushed out the bedroom, out the corridor and then out the hotel. I was forced down one street after another. I started to worry, to wonder what was happening? Where was I going? Are they out of their mind?

A door was opened on the other side of us and I stepped inside on command. The blindfold wouldn't come off so I needn't guess that it was Liam who ripped it in halve, just to get it off. Liam was known for over re acting.

My eyes blurred, shut and slowly opened, to reveal all my family and friends in one corner, and a beautifully set table. Tears filled my eyes, they hadn't forgotten- I knew they hadn't.

And at the front of the group of people who had come to wish me Happy Birthday was Cherry, who had a cheeky grin on her face, with a little hint of evilness, which made me suspicious.

"Is this really happening?" I asked, trying very hard to contain my excitement.

"Yeah," Zayn replied, "It was Cherry's idea."

I looked over to Cherry who blushed the colour of a Cherry. Only now I realise that she did not organise it for me, but for her so she could get to know One Direction and make an impression on them that she is a 'kind' and 'sensitive' girl, which by the way, she is certainly not.

Zayn gave me a birthday card, with a little monkey on (It was probably what he had been drawing earlier on) and Harry gave me a next voucher.

I put Cherry to the back of my mind, but now I realise that if I sussed out why Cherry was grinning then, it would've saved so much trouble and Zayn.

Today was my day. Me and the boys sat down and ordered dinner. It was yummy. Afterwards  we had a massive ice-cream sundae and stuck a few candles in. That was yummy too. I was happy, then. I wanted it to stay like that.

I wish Cherry was never born.

Little did I know.

It was the best birthday ever. But then again, I don't know about you but I say that every year.

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