Forever and a Day

*For the Battle of the Fandoms comp*
We all sat there, like it was the end of the world. But it was. Without us. Without One Direction. We weren't crying- we never do. It was all Cherry's fault, the jealous witch. He was gone. There was nothing we could do...


10. America

The very next day I managed to get on a plane to America. I had the address of the hospital- all I had to do was find it. Which was hard, as all the streets looked the same to me.

Eventually I found it, even though it took me several hours to do so.

I was directed to Cherry's ward.

I saw her.

She was asleep.

My heart sunk.

Zayn was not there.

She woke, as if she sensed that I was there. Cherry looked excited to see me and said the word 'start' as if it was just what I needed to find Zayn. I could only just make it out and was about to ask her more when she fell asleep again and a nurse walked towards me. The nurse had a stern, frowny face which told me that I needed to go. I exited the hospital, sat on a bench and thought.

I wondered what Cherry was trying to tell me when she said the word 'Start'.

Suddenly, it all came together, and everything clicked in my mind; Zayn was making a fresh start.

I knocked at a local citizens house and asked them if they had heard of a 'Zayn'.

"Yes. I have. He is an interesting Englishman," the American told me.

"Would you have any idea of where he is?" I asked, starting to feel hopeful.

"I'm afraid I don't know where he lives..." My heart sunk, "But I do know where he works. He's a window cleaner in the local library."

"Thank you so much," I paused, "I don't suppose you've heard of One Direction?"

"Why yes, yes I have."

"Well, I'm Louis Tomlinson, so, do you want my autograph?"

"Yes please."

"But you must keep your mouth shut."



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