Forever and a Day

*For the Battle of the Fandoms comp*
We all sat there, like it was the end of the world. But it was. Without us. Without One Direction. We weren't crying- we never do. It was all Cherry's fault, the jealous witch. He was gone. There was nothing we could do...


1. All for 1 and 1 for all

We'd done it. We came third, and got two albums out, one on the way. We were stars and people looked up to us. We were One Direction.

We hadn't done it for ourselves but for each other. Harry is our main singer, but I'm cool with that, as he does have the hair. Then again, so do I. Niall is the Irish one and the blondey, the one that makes us 80% British and 20% Irish. Liam was the one that cut some of his hair off for charity, although not everyone realised which caused him to receive hate. I'm the bad boy who wanted to put thing right and had to retake year 12. But Zayn held everything together, the hair, the looks. He's a true directioner and we all know it; in boot camp he managed to dance, giving his all which is what makes a true directioner.

We were put together in boot camp. One Direction aren't five solo singers shoved together, we're a group.

We were meant to be together. This is our life, it was meant to be. It was our destiny. We practically live together. We are always together- practising, performing and hanging out. I call it the 3 peas. Who says they actually have to begin with 'p'? Like the three 'r'- reading, writing and arithmetic.

Anyway we weren't planning on splitting up, we were the next big boy band. Only jealousy could split us up.... and that jealous person was Cherry.

We have many fans  and many haters but haters are just confused fans. We're all for 1 and 1 for all and that's the way we planned to stay. Together for forever and a day, was how it was destined.

That was before I introduced my band mates to my cousin, Cherry Tomlinson. She was a trouble maker. She ruined my life, and the boys' too. I hate her. She messed everything up. She did something we can never put right. I wish I never had introduced her. That made everything all my fault.


It wasn't my fault.

It was hers.

She was evil.

She was a devil.

She should go to prison....

But no-one knows where she is. Not now.

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