All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9 
Addison's POV

Me and Harry went so many places for the whole day. We went to the mall and bought me new clothes, food, makeup, jewelry, and 'supplies'. If ya know what I mean.

Now we were on our way home. It was like 7 at night and me and Niall were supposed to be going clubbing. I didn't really feel like it but it was for him. Me and Harry bought a really pretty dress. It was white with one strap. It hugged my waist and thighs perfectly at the strap had sparkles on it. It was gorgeous.

We got home and Harry helped me with the bags. We stepped inside and immediately I was tackled by Niall. "Babe I missed you!" he screamed. "Oh my gosh Niall I'm kinda full" I said. "Let me help ya babe" Niall said winking at me. He took all the bags and gave a few to the rest of the boys but Louis.

They all walked upstairs to go put the stuff away. I looked over at Louis and sighed. He was looking at me with a fake smile. "What's wrong Louis?" I asked concerned. "I'm surprised you weren't told. Eleanor kissed her ex so I broke up with her" He said.

I walked over to him and gave him a big hug. "Thanks love" He said.

He gave me a smile as we met eyes. "No, no, no." I thought to myself. He leaned in and was about two inches from me when Zayn walked in. "Uh oh" He joked. "What's going on in here?" he asked. "Addison has an eyelash in her eye so I'm getting it out" Louis lied. "Oh, sorry man" Zayn said walking off.

Silence filled the room. "You're a good liar" I admitted. "Yea, I know. Well you'd better get ready to go clubbing, cause Niall doesn't wait" He said. "Okay, yea, I'm gonna go and uh yea. Get ready" Is aid nervously.

I stood up and walked towards the stairs into Niall's room. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see Louis following me. "And um, not in here love" he said taking my wrist and dragging me to an unfamiliar room.

It was clear at the end of the hallway. I opened the door and switched the light on. I had seen an aqua colored room outlined in pink. A King sized bed with curtains that flew loosely, two glass doors, and on the right side of the lass doors there was another pair of glass doors. I opened the one on the right and there stood a bathroom that was about the size of my room.

I walked out of the bathroom and walked on the other side of the room. Another pair of glass doors stood in front of me. I opened them up and seen a HUGE closet there in front of me. It had the most gorgeous clothes I had EVER seen in my life. And the best part is they're mine. ALL MINE. "Who did this?" I asked.

Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis all raised their hands. "Omg" I cried. "Sorry not me, I had to distract you" Harry said. "It's okay" I laughed out.

"Okay babe, let's hit this show on the road." Niall hollered. I laughed and pushed the boys out. "Babe, please?" Niall begged. "No" I said. "Fine!" He pouted like a baby. He walked out and I shut the door behind him. I locked it and walked into the bathroom.

I stripped and took a shower. I did all the usual stuff you would do while showering then I dried off. I put on the white dress I was talking about earlier with some light natural looking makeup. I blow dried my hair and loose curled it. I wish Eleanor could help me, but no. Her and Louis broke up. Poor Louis.

My thoughts were interrupted by a pair of arms snaking around my waist. I tried to turn around but I was stopped by someone kissing down my jawline. I softly moaned at his actions. "Hey babe" He whispered in my ear. "Niall. I." "Shhh, just go with it" He whispered. He made his way down further to my neck. I tilted my head back on his shoulder letting him softly kiss me on my neck. He slid his hands down to my bum and onto my thighs.

Suddenly we heard a throat clear behind us. Niall quickly pulled away from me as I laughed, "Hey there Niall" Harry said awkwardly. "Addison hurry up" He said. Me and him chuckled at what just happened. He kissed me one last time before leaving out the door. I smiled at giggled. Tonight was going to be fun.

And I couldn't wait. 

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