All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7 
Niall's POV

We got to Nandos and I had to sit awkwardly because of Addison, only the boys knew what was going on. I had to try to not act like okay because I didn't want to feel awkward. I was gonna ask Addison to be my girlfriend, now I'm scared, I knew she liked me back but what if she had a reason to say no and she said no?

Ugh, I'm so confused. I have a sense that Lou likes her too. But can the be? He is dating Eleanor. Ugh I really want her to be mine but I also don't want to ruin my friendship with Louis just because of a girl.

"Okay guys" I started as we sat down at a booth "Um its actually a question." I looked at Addison straight in the eyes. "Addison will you make me the happiest man alive and be my girlfriend?" I asked confidently. She smiled. "I thought you two were already dating!" Harry announced. "Oh no not yet. But we are now" Addison answered cheekily.

I smiled at her and kissed her. She was smiling through the kiss so I did too. "So cheeky" She said. I chuckled and continued to kiss her. "Keep it PG" Liam yelled. Everyone in Nandos looked at us. Good thing most of them were older adults so we had no screaming fans.

A woman about mid twenties came over to me. She was very pretty. She had long light brown hair that had a green eyes. She was pretty but Addison was still prettier.

Addison grasped my hand in protection. I glanced at her for a few seconds and smiled at her. "Its okay babe" I assured her. "Thanks" She said. She looked over at Louis and I looked back at the girl.

"Hello I'm Hailey I'm your waitress for today. May I make your order?" She looked up from her notepad. "oh my god It's One Direction!" She screamed. Oh no. We all jumped up and ran out of the building but she chased after us. We ran to the car but it was locked. So we just ran away behind another building.

She ran past the building and we quietly the opposite way of her. "Okay, is it just me or is she like, creepy?" I asked. "Haha you go babe" Addison said. Awe, she called me babe. She is too adorable.

We got into the car and sat in the same places we were before. With her on my lap. I needed her off my lap really bad because its awkward getting turned on with her on my lap. "Wait, wait, wait. Be right back babe." I had to calm down real quick. So I went to the bathroom and sat on the counter.

"Okay Niall, she's only 17, she ISN'T ready yet, so calm down." I just sat there for a minute when suddenly Louis walked in. "Are you okay mate?" "Um, yea, just technical difficulties again" I answered honestly. "Oh, okay. How are things going along?"

"Um, really Louis? I'm trying to calm down"

"Sorry mate, just wondering if you're having difficulties calming down. Well anyways we have an issue, tomorrow is Addison's birthday, what are we going to do?"

"She's turning 18 right?"


"Great, let's take her to a club"

"Are you sure you wanna even want to take your 18 year old girlfriend clubbing with you? You do get pretty drunk."

"Louis! I'll be careful, I'm not stupid! I can watch after myself"

"Okay mate, if you say so. Are you okay now?"

"Yea let's go" I said jumping off the counter. I opened the door and walked out. We walked out of Nandos and climbed in the car. Addison sat on my lap again as I kissed her forehead. "Are you okay babe?" She asked "Yea I'm fine" I answered back 


Skipping the car ride those are always boring :P 


Addison's POV

We walked into the house and I jumped on the island in the middle of the kitchen and sat down. Niall came in and ran towards me. He stopped and tackled me causing me to lay back on the island. I sat back up and he put his hands on either side of my thighs.

"So babe, what do ya say me and you go clubbing tomorrow night since you're turning 18? Please?" He begged.

"I don't know Niall, I've heard pretty bad stories from when you went clubbing with the boys."

"Please baby"

"Fine! But you better not do anything stupid" I said jumping off the island. "Yay! Wait, where are you going?" He asked "Going to get ready for bed" I answered.

"At 7:30?" Liam asked. "Yea me and Harry are doing something early tomorrow" "Well see ya to borrow morning"

"Um actually you'll see us tomorrow evening" Harry said. "You're taking my girlfriend away from me?!" Niall asked childishly.

"She's my sister, so ha!"


"Ah, ah, ah, not buts. You're lucky you're dating her"

"Ugh, fine. Wait I will take her out tomorrow because of that reason" Niall said. "Um actually no, because Harry needs to spend some time with his sister, Niall you can help us instead" He rolled his eyes "Fine

Then I cut in, "Well, goodnight loves" I said walking up the stairs. Everyone else shot back "Goodnight"

I walked into Niall's room and laid down on his bed, Why don't I have a room? Oh well I'm not complaining. I undressed and put one of Niall's shirts on. I crawled in the bed and fell asleep. 

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