All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19 
Luke's POV

It was time to go. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to be with an amazing girl like Ellie. She is like a goddess in my eyes...

l walked up to her door and knocked. She slowly opened the door and looked up "Wow, you look great" I said. "Thank you" She blushed. "Any day" I winked. "You're so cute when you blush" I said awkwardly. "Thanks" She smiled.

"Any day love" I winked.

We crawled into the car and buckled. "Are you ready?" I asked. She nodded excitingly. "Let's go then" And I drove off. 


At the fair.....

We were having a great time at the fair. We were getting ready for our last ride, the Ferris Wheel. I wanted to kiss her. But I don't think she'd enjoy it. I don't know though. But I wasn't going to try anything. We're just friends. Ugh, not in my head.

"Are you okay?" Ellie asked. "yea, just thinking" "NEXT!" a man called. I lightly grabbed her hand and pulled her to the seat and we sat down. The man put the bar down and pulled the lever.

We rose up in height. "This is amazing thank you Luke" She said. "You're welcome" I said. We just sat there and stared into each other's eyes.

There was an instant click in my mind. I bit my lip and decided to lean in.  

I just got so tired of waiting I just practically shoved myself into her. She liked it because she was kissing back.

I pulled away. "Wow" I said out loud. She giggled. "You're great" "You too" She replied back. Then we went back to kissing again. 


After the fair I drove her back home. Her phone started to ring. "Hello?" She asked.

"Omg congratulations, but wait, who's? OMG! Are you kidding me? You know what, I'll talk to you in a few, I'm finishing a date. Yea, uh huh okay. I love you too bye." She hung up and looked at me.

"Addison is pregos with Louis Tomlinson's baby. Sorry, but would you get mad if I fan girled?" I shook my head no. "Thanks. Eeeeeeeeeeep. OMG Okay I'm done. Wait" She squealed again. I just laughed at her."What? You're just aloud" She joked.

I laughed, "Yea right" And then pulled up to her house. "Thanks for the date Luke." She said. "But, I'm going to be in trouble if I don't get back inside. Yes I still live with my parents" she added. I nodded my head and kissed her one more time. "How about we go again tomorrow at noon to see a movie, I know you're a directioner so we'll go see This Is Us" I said.

"OMG thank you Luke" She said wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me "Wait, will you be my girlfriend?" I asked nervously.

" Oh" She said. "ummm. I don't know. I mean, all the fans, and paparazzi, and the distance" "Then you can move with me sometime. And the fans forget about them, if the don't support us they're not real fans" I said. 

"Um," a long silence stood upon us.

"Whatever floats your boat" She giggled. I smiled and kissed her. "Thanks" She said. And she opened the door and got out.

"I love you" I mumbled as soon as she walked through her door. Then In drove off into the dark. 

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