All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


18. Chapter 18

Chapter 18 
Addison's POV

"And Addison, we also have more news for you guys. But I need JUST Addison" The boys walked out and then she told me words that would change my life forever.

"Addison, I don't know what kind of news this is to you. Good or bad, Addison, you're pregnant"

All kinds of thoughts flooded my mind. How am I going to tell Louis and the boys? Will I be able to even tell them? How would Louis or anyone for that matter react? Would I get much more hate than I already do? Would management be mad? Of course, stupid question.

I was so worried. Louis is going to kill me. I have to tell him, just not today. 'Miss Styles?" I looked up. "Thank you" And then I walked out. I grabbed Louis' hand and gently tugged him outside into the car. "Woah babe, why so upset?" He asked. "It doesn't matter" I mumbled.

"Okay, please tell me" He said as I sat in the car. "I'm fine" I kept saying. "Addison ple-" "Shut up Louis!" I screamed. I swear his face turned pale. With sadness. "I'm sorry Lou, it's just. I'm not sure if you're ready for this yet. I mean it's a huge deal. And I don't know how you'd react so, I'm sorry"

"I love you Addison. And no matter what I am here for you. I will be here every step of the way until you die. Which means, even if I die before you, I still won't quit trying to make you happy. I love you too much to hurt you in any kind of way. I love you. Please don't forget that."

Tears started to stream down my face. "Louis, of this goes through all the way, you have no choice but to put me through pain" I said. "Why is that love?"

"Louis. I'm pregnant"  


Louis' POV

"Louis. I'm pregnant"

My face lit up with joy. "Really? oh my gosh I'm going to be a daddy! Yay" I said excitingly. I was shocked. But in a good way.

"Louis, you're not mad?" I shook my head no. "Nope" I said popping the 'p'. "Why?" she asked. "I've wanted to be a father since I was nineteen and here I am sitting in the car with my pregnant girlfriend and I hope my soon to be wife." I winked.

She blushed. "And sorry to say love, but, I don't see how I could be mad." I said. "Well Louis, can we at least only have one?" she asked. "I want two" I said stomping my foot on the ground like a two year old.

"I'm so proud" I kissed her and couldn't stop smiling through the kiss. I was so happy right now. I didn't want to stop this moment. This was going to be amazing.  

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