All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17 
Ellie's POV

Luke was so sweet. We went out for coffee. And he grasped my hand when we were seen together by fans and he even kissed my forehead when a fan hit me with a shoe. That did hurt.

He made me laugh, and I don't know why, but my heart rate went up faster with every word he said. I'm like, completely star struck. It seems like one of those commercials "Help! I fallen and I can't get up" What is that commercial again? Oh yea, I need Life Alert.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone blaring Heartbreak Girl. I picked it up and looked at the I.D. it said Unknown Number.

"Hey" said a voice when I answered it. OMG here comes the heart racing. "Hhhi Llluke. Hi Luke" I corrected myself. Stupid. Who stutters? Obviously me. God I'm so stupid.

"How are you?" "I'm good. And you?" I answered. "So how about instead of coffee tomorrow, I heard about a nearby fair, I was wanting to know. Do you want to go with me?" I started to fan girl. But I was playing it cool. "Like a date?" I asked.

"Well, if that's what you want it to be. I'm just playing. Yea like a date" he said nervously. My face lit up with happiness. "Yea, I'd love to" I laughed. "Great see ya tomorrow at seven" he said hanging up.

Luke Hemmings just asked me to the fair. I'm trying NOT to fan girl.


Nope, can't do it. Eeeeeep. I decided to call Addison. She'd know what to do.

She wasn't answering so I left her a voicemail.

"Addison! Call me AS SOON as you get this!" I said excitingly. Then I hung up. I can't wait till tomorrow. 


Addison's POV

I quickly gave him one last kiss before crawling out of bed. "Babe, no!" Louis demanded. "Babe, my phone is ringing" I complained, "And? Just stay with me and we can continue what we were doing" He said before kissing me again. "Louis, why are you doing this?" I asked. "Doing what?" "Stop trying to seduce me" I said. "Why I've done it before, I could do it again" He winked. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I lost my innocence to Louis Tomlinson like two weeks ago.


"I'm not forcing you to do anything. I just want to continue our little session" I giggled as he continued to kiss me "Losers" I turned around and Harry was standing at the doorway. We laughed.

"Cmon Addi, we have to get to the DNA testing lab." I huffed "Fine" We ran out the door and into the car. We heard a tap on the glass. "Can I come with?" Louis asked innocently. Harry unlocked the door and Louis jumped in.

"What is with you and his heated moment earlier?" Harry asked raising his eyebrows. I blushed. "Awe, is my little carrot embarrassed to date the Tommo?" Louis joked. I turned around and slapped his arm.

"Owe" "Now, you're DEFINITELY not getting lucky tonight" I giggled. "Darn" He stomped his foot and faced the window. 


Harry parked the car into a lot and we piled out. We walked into the lab and sat while Harry went to tell them we were here. He came back and sat down.



"Mr. Styles," We stood up in the room we were currently in. "We have your results if you would just follow us" We followed her into another dark room. "So, to make sure, you said to keep this a secret from the fandom am I right?" We nodded.

"Congratulations Addison, you ARE Harry's sister" She said. Me, Harry, and Louis all hugged in shock. "And Addison, we also have more news for you guys. But I need JUST Addison" The boys walked out and then she told me words that will change my life forever.... 

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