All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16 
Liam's POV

Me and Addison had a great time today. I know she has been through a lot since she has moved with us. Her and Niall. Then the club, then her and Louis and not to mention finding out she was Harry's sister. Well actually, we still have to go get DNA tests done. Just to make sure.

We were now heading home. "Thanks Liam, I had fun" She said in the car. "Me too" Suddenly my phone rang. She handed me my phone and I unlocked it. It was a call from Louis.

Me: "Hello?"

Louis: "You'd better keep her from me tonight. I'm serious. Just don't even try to let her explain. We'll talk in the morning."

Me: "Louis what happened?"

Louis: "She's is cheating on me with some Caden retard. I found a note with his number on it. Now leave me alone" Then he hung up

"What? You cheated on Louis?" I asked angrily. "What?" She said looking puzzled. "With this Caden guy?" "What Cade-. Oh. Yea. He was one of the MANY guys I didn't like. So on the last day, he announced he liked me and kissed me. But I didn't kiss back. So I got mad and left school early. Then went and spent some time with my mum before leaving and well, he must've thrown it into my back pocket. Because I found that the night I got here and stuffed it in my book"

"Then you'd better settle this with him because he is furious." "Oh" 


*2 days later* 

Zayn's POV

Luke had just left to go meet Ellie. I really did like Ellie. But only in the friend kinda way. I think they will end up dating, getting married and have ten kids. Not literally having ten kids. But you never know. Especially with Luke.

I hope they don't have ten kids. That'd be horrible. I only want one. But obviously not right now. I'm bored so I'm going to take a nap.

I walked over to the couch and laid down. My eyes started to get heavier and heavier. Then I fell asleep. 


Ellie's POV

I was just sitting there on Twitter like any other nobody in this world. I was practically stalking my best friend, Addison, on Twitter. She seemed so high rise and royal, she had seemed to forget about me. Just because she got into one of the best school's in the world. Ever since she moved to the UK.

It's been about four or five weeks since I've seen her or even talked to her. I was so depressed. She never told me why she left so early. She just took off. Oh well.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my front door. I stood up and opened it. I ran my fingers through my hair and opened it.

In had to secretly pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. "Ouch" I thought to myself. "Nope I'm not dreaming" I said. He chuckled. " I know this is kind of out of nowhere but Hi, I'm Luke Hemmings." "I know who you are, I'm just trying to figure out why you're here" I said oddly.

"Zayn told me about you." "Zayn? How does he know me?" I asked. "He is good friends with Addison" He replied. "Addison?" He nodded "I'm surprised you haven't seen iron the magazines" He laughed.

Then he looked down at me and looked back up at me. "Um, love" He pointed to my body. I looked down and realised I was just in a long shirt. "Oh god I'm sorry" I laughed nervously. I blushed and ran back inside throwing on a pair of shorts.

"Do you want to go get some coffee?" He asked. "I need to get ready." I said. "Why? You look beautiful" He said cheekily. "Haha, at least let me throw on a better shirt and some shoes" I said. "Fine" he huffed.

I walked inside and thrown on a better shirt, jean shorts, and some flip flops. "Ready to go?" He asked. I nodded as he opened the door and I sat inside. "Let's go" 


Luke's POV

We had an amazing time at Starbucks. I think I like her. She was so generous, kind, really smart, and she had a bit of sass, which I liked because if we ever lost Louis, I'd have her sass. She was also SUPER funny. I really do like her don't I? Yup.

I had dropped her off and asked her if she wanted to grab a bite tomorrow. She had agreed and I got her number. I told her to be ready before ten. So SCORE!!! This is my lucky day. Is it just me or does she kind of remind me of Ashton? 

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