All I Want

Addison Ross has nothing but ordinary her whole life. But what happens when she meets Niall Horan and his four lads and gets a bit cozy with none other than Louis Tomlinson?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13 
Addison's POV

I woke up remembering what had happened like two hours ago. Why was she out to get me? What had I done to make her hate me? Oh well, at least the boys are on my side to protect me.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Come in" I said. The door slowly opened and in peeked a Niall. I giggled, "Come in doof" He chuckled and sat down beside me.

"So, I was wondering, since you're a girl and all, could you help me with something?" He asked shyly. "Sure, what is it?" I asked. "Well, my best friend from Ireland when I was a child is coming into stay a few days with us. Harry invited her. Well anyways, I've kinda liked her since third grade, and well, would you mind helping me get her?" He asked.

My jaw dropped. "YES!" I shouted. "Thank you, I don't know what I'd do without you" He said hugging me. "You're welcome." "Oh Louis wants you by the way"

I stood up and walked out of my room and into Louis' room. "Hey" I said. "Ello love" "Why'd you want me?" I asked playfully as I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Hmmm, well I needed ask if you were okay. So are you okay?" He asked. I smiled and stood on my tiptoes and kissed him softly. "I'm going to take that as a yes"

I giggled. "Okay, well go eat. Your brother made chocolate chip pancakes" As soon as he aid that Niall came running out of his room, down the stairs, and ended up falling on his bum.

"Ouch!" He screamed. "Nialler, we have a surprise in the front room!" Zayn hollered. "Ugh" He huffed while standing up. He walked to the front room and screamed "Izzybelle!" Then he went running towards her. "NIALLER!" She shouted with an Irish accent.

I walked into the living room. Wow she was pretty. I was kind of jealous. "Oh hi, you must be..." "Isabella Addison, Addison Isabella" Niall said. "Hi" She smiled. I flashed her a grin back to her.

"Oh hey, Izzy, you know, Niall talks about you an awful lot" I started. I looked over at Niall who was blushing. "He also cries for you in his sleep. True story" Niall got irritated and walked off. She blushed too. "Really?" She asked.

I nodded "He does. If you ask me, I'm pretty sure he likes ya" "Naw," I lightly chuckled. "He told me." I said "Oh" she blushed.

"Okay, well I'm gonna go because me and Niall were supposed to have a day together but I'm going to replace it with Liam now so, love ya" I said before running upstairs.

My door bursted open. "I said help me get her not embarrass me" Niall shouted. I giggled "Niall, sorry to say, but girls like her like soft guys. It's not hard to tell. So I wasn't embarrassing you, I was pulling out your sweet side even more to let her know you care for her" "Oh. Sorry" he said. "It's okay just go so I can get ready" I said shoving him out the door. I locked it and ran into the loo.

I quickly undressed and slipped into the shower. I had done the usual and then stepped out.

I had thrown on a pair of skinny jeans, a loose sweater (considering it was middle of October), and some vans.

I left my hair in it's natural curly hair and put on eyeliner, and mascara. I looked at my eyes through the mirror. They were green, but a different shade than Harry's. His eyes were dark green. Mine are bright green with a hint of blue sometimes. I loved my eyes.

I had walked downstairs when I had noticed the house was TOO quiet. I have only known these boys for four weeks, but I knew they were up to something. "Liam! I'm gonna pull a spoon out if you don't show yourself" I hollered. Suddenly I hear a bunch of laughs from behind the sofa. I ran behind there and looked at them. "Cmon Liam, I'm ready" I said.

"Wait where's Niall and other girl" I said. "Her name is Isabella and they're making out on the couch haha. I'm just kidding they're catching up." a guy said. "Wait, who is this?" I asked. "This is Luke Hemmings" Zayn said. "Wait? Aren't you from that boy band uh, 5 seconds of summer?" I asked. "Yea"

"Omg, I love "Heartbreak Girl" that's like, genius level" I chuckled. "Thanks love" He smiled and winked."You're beautiful" Luke said "She's taken too" Louis growled. I walked over to Louis and kissed his cheek. "It's okay" I whispered to him.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Luke, I'm Addison" I introduced. "Hello Addison, are you a fan?" I shook my head no. "No, sorry. I like a few of your songs, but I'm not big and hung up like I am with these guys" I said pointing to MOST of the members of One Direction.

"Jeezus Niall! Hurry up. How long does it take to catch up?" Zayn complained. "Well, me and Liam are going to go. See ya later. Nice meetin ya Luke" I said. And with that we walked out to enjoy our day. 


Louis' POV

I was keeping my eyes on Luke. I know we've been friends for awhile, but he still can't take my girl. She was meant to be mine, and ONLY MINE. 

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