winner of his heart

this is written for my cousin Katherine her mind is always on Louis and in this book its her dream come true hope you like it


2. the ticket

while Katherine was at school the next day she found out (Tanya) the cool girl in school liked one direction. Instead of everyone hating her everyone cam to school the next day with one direction tickets even the guys. Tayna had a ticket that got her a free date with Louis and she got to see a concert. The concert was in a month everyone was exited. A week later i was on my way to school and out of the snow i saw a ticket with the word one then i saw dire. I could'nt see the rest i screamed and grabbed the ticket. It was Tayna's ticket i kept it i had to figure out how to get too the concerts with having to watch my sisters and clean. I sat up all night crying just thinking about it.

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