UNPREDICTABLE (5sos fanfic) (completed)

Lily Hemmings Is the younger sister of Luke Hemmings from 5sos, Being the protective brother and boyfriend he is he does not approve of Ashton, But what happens when Lily and Ashton try to make it work? Will things work or fall apart right away? And when Lily's best friend with a rough past, Savannah, gets with Luke, will things take a sharp left turn into hell? Find out in unpredictable!


11. Lost

 Savannah's p.o.v

 I walk home in the rain and go inside. My house is only about 5 minutes away from the band house and I hope to God that Luke doesn't decide to come by and see what's going on with me. Being the overprotective boyfriend he is he's over about 3 minutes after I get home. I'm changing my clothes when he knocks. I run downstairs without thinking about. As I open the door I realize that I'm in my bra and underwear. "sav can we ta- hot damn!" Luke says

"oh calm yourself" I mutter as he walks in

"so what happened back there?" he asks, putting his hand on the small of my back

"Lucas Robert Hemmings, watch yourself. And nothing happened. I just...got tired" I say

"no, you did not" he responds, tilting my chin up, I avert my eyes

"can we take a walk?"  I ask, beginning to walk upstairs

"it's raining" Luke says

"I know"

"you might just be the most unpredictable girlfriend I've ever had" he retorts. I raise an eyebrow

"is that a good thing?" I ask, entering my room. I point to my bed "sit"

"yes, it is" I walk to my closet and pull out a shirt, noticing the Nasa shirt on the ground. Luke notices it too "who's is this?" he asks, I hear the edge in his voice and try to stay calm

"it's Cal's. I borrowed it once when I spent the night at your guys' house before you and I started dating. Guess I forgot to give it back, oopsies"

"ok" he says with suspicion in his voice

"what? you don't trust me? LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU!" I shriek

"I trust you. I don't trust him. You've got to understand that you're a lot more desirable than you think." he says calmly

"yeah whatever" I mumble, throwing on one of Luke's t-shirts that's too small. I put on a pair of high waisted shorts and tuck in the shirt "let's go" I say

"but your bed is so fluffy" he responds. I flop down next to him

"fine. I will walk by myself" 

"noooooo" he whines

"then get your lazy butt up!" I yell

"noooooo" he whines again. I roll on top of him, sliding my hands through his hair

"yeeesss" I whine

"well hi there" he says. Just like Calum did. No. No. No. I roll off of Luke.

"c-can we g-go on that walk now?" I ask 

"what is up with you?"

"Calum tried to kiss me!" I blurt

"WHAT?" he screams, running out the door

"LUKE! LUKE!" I scream, running after him. He busts the door open to the house.

"CALUM!" he screams. I run up the stairs to Calum's room and open his door.

"get out of here. right now" I say, my voice low

"What the hell is wrong with you?!? trying to kiss my girl?" Luke screams, lunging for Calum

"Ashton! Michael! Help!" I scream. They are in the door in a matter of seconds

"Lily! take savannah downstairs!" Ashton screams

"no! nooo!!!!!" I cry as she grabs my wrist. Ashton picks me up and puts me downstairs, locking the door behind him. I begin to cry. Lily puts a movie in the DVD payer and tells me

"it's the hunger games"

"bribing me?" I ask I watch the movie and fall asleep at the part where Rue dies, wishing that I was her.

~when Savannah wakes up~

 When I open my eyes the clock reads 3:02 AM and I walk to the door and leave the house writing a little note to everyone. I walk out and into the woods. The sky is full of stars just like it was the night of our school dance in junior year. The one night I was Calum's girl.

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