UNPREDICTABLE (5sos fanfic) (completed)

Lily Hemmings Is the younger sister of Luke Hemmings from 5sos, Being the protective brother and boyfriend he is he does not approve of Ashton, But what happens when Lily and Ashton try to make it work? Will things work or fall apart right away? And when Lily's best friend with a rough past, Savannah, gets with Luke, will things take a sharp left turn into hell? Find out in unpredictable!


22. Human Lie Detector

 Luke's p.o.v

 I hear Savannah tell Lily through the door she knew I was lying. It kills me to hear her say 'but our relationship isn't that good right now'. I really screwed up accusing her of still liking Calum, but she's beautiful and I can tell he still likes her. Anyway as I'm unlocking my car she runs out to me.

"Babe! Wait." She says

"Why're you out here?" I ask.

"I'm coming with you." She says

"What about Lily?"

"She fell asleep. Did you drug her or something to prevent her giving me ice cream?" she asks, smiling. I lean in and kiss her.

"Let's go." I say. She nods and hops in. As we drive away I say "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Being an asshole. Accusing you of still loving Cal. Everything I've done to fuck this up."

"Don't. Luke, no." She says "I love you, and I can't forgive you if you can't forgive yourself."

"I feel horrible."


"No, i'm serious." I say, looking at her. "I feel like a douche."


"Can you for-" She cuts me off as the world gets brighter.

"LUKE!" Savannah yells, jerking the steering wheel to the right. Horns blare as we run off the road and headlights that were unbearably close distance themselves. I slam the brakes and Savannah hits her face on the dashboard. "Fuck." She says, pinching the bridge of her nose. It's bleeding, a lot.

"Are you okay?" I ask. There's a small cut on my neck from the seatbelt but she's much worse.

"Damn, is my forehead bleeding?" I nod "My nose is broken, but other than that I'm good. You ok?"

"Yeah, my shoulder hurts though." she leans over and touches it. "Ow, babe."

"Dislocated. Hold my hand and squeeze when it hurts. I'm gonna count to three, ok?"

"Wait, what?"

"1...2." On two she shoves my shoulder and I cry out.

"What happened to three?"

"Three? Get out, babe." I do as told, holding my shoulder and grumbling.

"What club is Ashton at?"

"The Bolt.  It's on 43rd and-"

"I know where it's at."

+At the club (get your dance on girls!)+

 Ashton sits on the curb next to Cal and Michael, tears flowing down his face.

"Luke, please don't kill me. I was hammered and-" He begins.

Funny, my knuckles speak louder than words.

"Ow, fuck! Ok, I deserved that but hear me ou-"

They speak louder that a lot of words.

"Babe, stop." Savannah whispers lowly in my ear. If her voice wasn't so sexy I wouldn't have listen. Cal and Mikey get in the front seat and Savannah sits between Ash and I.

"Who's blood is on the dashboard?" Michael asks.

"You don't wanna know." Savannah replies, intertwining our fingers.

"You never heard what I had to say." Ashton says, his voice nasal due to the punches to the face he received ala my fist. "I fucked up. I'm sorry. I was really drunk. Just don't tell Lily."

"You nearly cheated on her! What do you expect me to say? 'Oh, by the way Ashton made out with a stripper at the club'?. No!"

"I didn't-"

"The hell you didn't!"

"Luke, I-"

"Seriously! I can't talk to you anymore."

"Luke, please." He says.

"Stay the hell away from my sister." I snarl, opening my door and hopping out, dragging Savannah with me. "Or may God have mercy on your sorry ass."

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