UNPREDICTABLE (5sos fanfic) (completed)

Lily Hemmings Is the younger sister of Luke Hemmings from 5sos, Being the protective brother and boyfriend he is he does not approve of Ashton, But what happens when Lily and Ashton try to make it work? Will things work or fall apart right away? And when Lily's best friend with a rough past, Savannah, gets with Luke, will things take a sharp left turn into hell? Find out in unpredictable!


2. Chapter Two


(What my style is like)

About an hour ago invited Savannah to come over and she said 55 minutes ago she would be here in 5 minutes...LIES! Savannah is not here yet all I know is that she could probably be dead on the street Now or she could be making out with Luke. Pretty sure it’s number 2.  I decide to call upstairs to see what the fuck Luke was up to.

"LUCAS." I scream.

"YESSSSSS."He replies.



I stomp my way upstairs to see Luke and Savannah making out on the god damned couch. WHAT THE HELL. BUT I WAS RIGHT! BUT STILL THERE KISSING WASTING MY FUCKING TIME!

“Seriously you guys." I sneer getting pretty pissed off at them.

"Oh hey." Savannah says casually like she wasn’t eating my brothers face off or anything.

"Ready to go." I ask impatiently.

Luke gives Savannah puppy dog eyes then sticks his lip out pouting. Oh Jesus.... horny little bastard.

“Savvyyyyy one more kiss pleaaaaaase.”Luke whines like a helpless child. 

“Don’t you think you kissed enough for one day guys...or a year.”I sneer growing more impatient by the second.Lucas Hemmings your never gonna get layed by Savannah she is not a slut plus the fact that your whining and awkwardness is a major turn off just saying...buuuuuutttt the Awkward part I cannot judge because I am more awkward than Luke.On that my friend I cannot judge therefore my mind shall drop the subject. 

I tap my fingers impatiently on the side of the couch waiting for Savannah to say bye to Luke..How long is this gonna take no doubt my face is beet red. 

Ashton randomly comes in and strides past me then backs up and looks at Luke mischievously like he is gonna say something that will piss him off.

 "Damn Your sister looks fine when she is pissed off." 

Yup I was right Queen Olaf is on a roll today.

Luke gets up and Ashton runs away giggling that adorable teenage girl giggle. "THIS ISN'T OVER IRWIN."

 Luke screams and then starts chasing him because that is what Mature people do Attack other people.

In the other room we hear a thud must be a body that fell and then there is a high pitch scream that is Savannah And I’s que to go check what the fuck is happening

."WOW YOU LOOK FINE TO WHEN YOUR PISSED." I hear Ashton tease right when we walk in there. That doesn’t phase me at all what is really bothering me is that Luke is sitting on Top of Ashton glaring at him like he just broke Luke's guitar covering his mouth it kinda looks like a rated R scene right now. Savannah and I look at each other at the same time and give each other funny faces.I then laugh because I can and I laugh at a lot of things. Ashtons eyes move over towards where I am standing and they light up  from Hazel to a magnificent green.  He licks Luke's hand... I think... which triggers Luke to scream as he starts giggling again. 

"REALLY ASHTON." He scream whines

"REALLY LUKE."He mimics back.

Savannah and I laugh then quickly leave heading towards the basement, so they can finish this war by themselves and not with the aid of Lily and Savannah. 


"Savannah look what I can do now." I say. holding up my drumsticks while wiggling my eyes out

"What?" She asks sticking her head out of the hunger games magazine and paying attention to real life. 

I throw my drumstick in the air and try to catch it with my hand but it ends up hitting my head I let out an owe because that thing fucking hurt like shit.

She claps and I start laughing along with her because that was a total derp moment.

"Now that is what a fail is." Savannah comments on my amazing skills.

"Definitely." Ashton smirks scaring the shit out of me once again.

"How long have you been here?" I sneer even though it hurts me eternally to... I don’t wanna upset Ash because I know he would never try to upset me.

"Long enough to know your not coordinated."he says smirking,"And are you always gonna ask me that." 

"Maybe now can you leave?”

"Maybe." He winks and starts towards the stairs slowly and keeping eye contact the hole time.

"Could you stop winking please."I ask

He turns towards me and winks again. "Maybe."

 Ashton finally walks upstairs and we hear the door shut. Savannah gives a  fan girl squeal. Great screaming what I wanted to hear. YAY..not

"He likes you."

"You think so?"I ask looking at her trying to see if she is bluffing but there are no signs of that. So I hope he does...I sound like a love sick 12 year old girl who craves for someone to be with.

"I know so."


Maybe maybe not   

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