UNPREDICTABLE (5sos fanfic) (completed)

Lily Hemmings Is the younger sister of Luke Hemmings from 5sos, Being the protective brother and boyfriend he is he does not approve of Ashton, But what happens when Lily and Ashton try to make it work? Will things work or fall apart right away? And when Lily's best friend with a rough past, Savannah, gets with Luke, will things take a sharp left turn into hell? Find out in unpredictable!


4. Chapter 4




"I told you to stop Ashton." I growl pushing him up against the wall gripping some of his all time low tee tightly. He never stops the little prick needs to fucking back off of my sister. This is so uncalled for by him he just pisses me off so much when it comes to these things. It is like Ashton is trying to get beat up.  

"Stop what?" Ashton asks innocently trying to act like he has done nothing but in the end we all know he has done something to piss one of us guys off.  

"Flirting with my sister it is uncalled for.She is not a toy and she wont be played with." I sneer at him gripping his t shirt tighter my jaw clenching when I am done speaking for now with the little prick.  

"Oh that,Well I cant help it she's hot."

Oh now its gonna be down with the ashtrees  

"Is that the only reason you like her?'' I question.

"No, of course not.'' Ashton protests his eyes show no sign of intimidation.  

"Give me five reasons."  

"Okay well she has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen and Her curly hair is wild like her, and her laugh is contagious but it is adorable at the same time, By far she is the most adorable human I have encountered and finally she is just really nice and stuff. "  Ashton gushes which is weird for me to see. I'm still gonna act  like his response is pathetic because I can.

"Wow mate, that was more pathetic then a legless pigeon." 

"I don't see what your issue is she can date who she wants to date.Your not her dad she is gonna have to be able to know what dating is like."  

"I know but still she gets hurt easily and trust me Ashton she knows what dating is like .It just ends up the same they use her than leave her like she is a worthless piece of crap.Then to make it better she goes into depression and it is hard to get her out."

  "Just please let me i really like her and if i end up breaking her heart...Damn you can brake my skull."Ashton  pleads.  

"just wait a little longer you just met her."I argue knowing that is a complete lie.

"We met when she was fricken 7 .I'm not waiting any longer. I don't need your approval Lucas."

  "FINE.... but let me tell you this Irwin,She is my sister and if you hurt her just know that my fist and your face will become best friends. I am not lying nor trying to be an ass I'm just telling you what the future holds if you decide to screw up and this whole thing goes to hell and beyond.I could care less if you are older than me Irwin,As long as Lily walks out of her room I will bring mercy upon you but if one day she is not smiling because of you then I will injure you."    

 "Woah woah woah I get it luke." he says.

  Well as long as she is happy. Its not about him its about her.  

"you get one.Chance. you fuck up.you die. Got it?" I sneer letting him go.

  "Absolutely" He  grins.  

"AND REMEMBER...keep those fucking drummer hands of yours to yourself."  

"Your one to talk. BUTTTTTT.... AYE! I will enjoy the ride ma'am."He says still grinning.  

Ashton walks out skipping acting like he has found a golden ticket of some sort and Savannah walks in confused but then catches on.  

"Lily." She asks.  

"Yup." i say popping the P  

"Your an amazing Brother and boyfriend."  

"what about kisser." i ask teasingly.  

"Lets find out."   She smiles and then I kiss her feeling like i'm the luckiest person alive and I am because i have her..Savannah .....


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