Full moon

Megan and Riley thought they were escaping their fear when they got the chance to move away from their abusive mother and in with their brother Louis Tomlinson. Only to find that Louis and his mates Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn all hide a dark secret, and along the way Megan gains a secret of her own. After months with the boys even Riley finds a secret that could change her life forever, or end it. The full moons are dangerous but everything is at stake when the last FULL MOON of the year comes. Read to find out what happens.


3. Chapter 3

Megan's POV

After everyone went their separate ways last night nobody has talked.  Riley hated Louis and all of his mates, Megan was trying to get on everyone's good side and Louis is trying to gain his sisters trust again, sadly nobody's plans were working. So Megan came out from her room and down into the living area.

" Hey Louis?" she whispered as she entered the room. Megan was always a shy girl around new people and at the moment all 5 boys were in the room.

" Hey Megan we really need to talk." Louis joined in getting up to approach her but she pushed him back down.

" Yeah, I know and that's why I'm here." she said calmly as he sat back down." I'm sorry for Riley yesterday but I don't exactly blame her" she started." You were there. you saw what happened to us almost every single day, but you just left us on our own" tears were already welting up in her eyes. " Now I know that it's in the past now but Riley still lives in that moment every day. We got into drinking, and smoking, we hang out with real bad people, and sometimes we even hurt ourselves, but I'm willing to forgive you. Riley on the other hand might take a little longer to come around." she finished turning to walk out of the room.

" I know I messed up but you guys don't know the other have of the story" Louis protested walking up to Megan " There's a dangerous  secret that even you guy's don't know, and that secret is why everything seems so dark right now, but I know it will get better." he himself was even crying now.

Louis's POV

There was a deep dark secret Louis and his mates were hiding but there was a reason they kept it a secret. When the girls were born Louis found out something that changed him forever. At age 13 he just couldn't control it anymore and ran away. He didn't want to hurt anyone with this so he kept to himself for a while, until he met the boys. They all shared the same gene that turned them this way. Now Louis was able to control it and called his mother up to convince her of giving Megan and Riley away. That's how they got to where they are today, Louis only wishes he could tell him that.

 He got pulled out of thought when Riley came running down the stairs." I'm going out" she said completely blocking everyone out apart from her sister." I 'll come to" Megan grabbed her jacket and gave her brother a reassuring look. Then without another word the girls ran out the door.

 Megan and Riley's Pov

The girls were just walking around the streets of London with no clue of what to do. They we young girls by there selves in a big city, imagine the fun they would try to find. Just as they turned around a corner the stumbled into a ally." Hey RI, I'm not so sure this is a good idea" Megan butt in as they continued walking deeper and deeper into the darkness. " Whatever, go find your own fun then" she stated and walked away. Megan followed." Hello ladies" Riley turned around with a smile" I think we just found our fun" she winked at her sister and approached one of the boys. He had a tall dark figure, and light hair, brushed back into a com over. The guy standing next to him was just a bit taller with less muscles and darker hair, but his was spiked. They were both kinda attractive but neither of the girls were interested." What are you pretty little girls doing here, in a place like this" the first one asked stepping closer to Megan " uhh we were just leaving right." Looking over at Riley who was in agreement " yea it's getting late, we should really go" she cut in grabbing Megan's arm and walking past the boys and the several other people that were apart of his little group. Just as they were leaving the second boy who's name is hunter stopped Riley and pulled him close while Dylan, the other one grabs Megan. Then everything in the eyes of Megan and Riley went black

Megan woke up first, in a strange room, there were no window and only one door. All the walls were painted black and after everything became clear, she saw three men standing in front of her. When she looked down she saw all her clothes were removed, apart from her bra and panties. She let out a scream when she saw a hand come toward her and a felt stinging on her cheek. " don't scream, or this will hurt a lot more." Dylan said with a smirk planted on the face. " FUCK YOU" she yelled then spit in his face. "Gladly" he replied sliding his hand up and down her thigh, he then pulled off her thong throwing it towards her scared little sister. Before the girl were throne in the room, Megan was stripped from her clothes and Riley was tied up so she could watch until it was her turn.

Hunter walked over beside Dylan to assist him. Dylan put his finger in and out of her clit, making her moan in both pain and pleasure. While hunter kissed up her stomach to her bra, as she arched her back in pleasure he unclipped her bra. He started to squeeze the left boob while sucking on the right nipple, after he was finished he made his way to her lips asking for entrance which was not granted. Back at the bottom, Dylan was unbuckling his belt and taking out dick. He shoved it in and out fast then slow, teasing her. After he was finished, Megan was in tears and extremely bloody, from how rough Dylan was to her.

Once she had her under garments back on and his t shirt, they tied her up and threw her down. Now taking Riley and throwing her at the table. Both girls were fully drenched in tears. Hunter wanted full control over this one. He started by ripping all of her clothes off, including her bra and panties. He started at the top, hovering over her. His hot beer breath was repulsive and almost made her throw up. After he took off his pants and shoved his dick into her clit she let out a scream of pain. He smirked at the suffering this was. Once he was done and she was dressed in his shirt like her sister, they we're let free" just remember we're watching you, and we're different then what you'd think, so don't second guess us" Dylan started " we will also be watching you, so do even think of trying to get help" hunter finished for him.

They left as fast as they could with the pain in between their legs, Megan and Riley are eighteen and seventeen years old, and they were just raped by two syco 23 year olds. But the worst par wasn't even the pain or rape, it was telling Louis

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