Full moon

Megan and Riley thought they were escaping their fear when they got the chance to move away from their abusive mother and in with their brother Louis Tomlinson. Only to find that Louis and his mates Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn all hide a dark secret, and along the way Megan gains a secret of her own. After months with the boys even Riley finds a secret that could change her life forever, or end it. The full moons are dangerous but everything is at stake when the last FULL MOON of the year comes. Read to find out what happens.


2. Chapter 2

Megan and Riley's POV

Megan and Riley were out with friends when they got a angry call from their abusive mother." Hello?" Megan says as she excuses herself from the group." You and your sister get your sleazy little asses home now!" she yells through the phone." What! What did we do this time!" she yells back just as angry. " I-I- I just come home have something to tell you" now she can tell her mother is fuming. Without another word Megan grabs her sister and runs full force back to their house." What the fuck!" Riley yells just as they arrive back in front of their house. Megan can't even respond before the mother comes out of the front porch holding suitcases. " What the hell are those?!" Riley says trying to finally stand up to their mother. "You guys are getting out of my house.. I'm sending you to find your brother!"

                            Marge (the mother) was a loving mom when her son Louis Tomlinson was born. Everything was going great she had the perfect boyfriend and then two perfect daughters, then something changed. Both hr son and her boyfriend started acting strange. Her boyfriend started abusing her and then left. So after that she started beating the girls to take out all her problems and anger. But she was still scared of Louis, sometimes he would show teeth a actually growl at her, she had no idea what was wrong with him. Luckily by the time he was thirteen he left. After that the years flew by and the girls grew up to be little rebels, they were still good girls but had a troubled life. Anyway back to the story.

            Louis's POV

Louis and the other 4 boys were sitting around in the living room watching toy story." Liam do we have to watch this again!? This will be the 17th time today!" Niall yells coming from the kitchen with 5bags of chips and 3 chocolate bars. As he walks completely in everyone stares. He looks up and smiles" Would you lads like me to get you some?" he asked " I would share but I don't have enough?" he complains. Nobody responds knowing that this is how Niall is everyday. He then joins them when there's a knock on the door." I'll get it!" Louis yells running through the hallway down to the door. He opens it and can't believe his eyes." Megan?" he asks with a cracking voice." Louis?" she responds with the same reaction. This draw everyone else to stand behind Louis." Megan these are my mates, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry." he says nudging Harry who he catches staring." Um hi" she replies kind of nervous. No wonder. Louis left her and Riley in their time of need. He was actually surprised they showed up. After Louis left his mother and him kept in touch. Then he got a call saying the girls were going to stay with him. Megan seemed okay with the Idea but since Riley and him were so close before, it tore her apart when he left, and he wasn't sure how she was going to react. Louis then got pulled out of thought when his other little sister came straddling around the corner. She took one look into his eyes and immediately came running toward him. He pulled out his arms up for a hug but instead he got pushed to the ground. Before he knew it she was sitting on top of him pulling him and pushing him by his shirt and screaming, with tears in her eyes. " I HATE YOU LOUIS TOMLINSON , YOU RUINED MY LIFE, YOUR THE REASON WE DO DRUGS AND CUT, YOUR THE REASON I'M ALMOST DEAD, YOUR THE REASON I HATE MY LIFE! NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN.. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!" she cried out, it took her sister Liam. Zayn and Niall to rip her off. After her was sort of calmed down she turned to face Louis and gave him one last punch in the face. Until the hard impact of his face in her fist shattered all the bones in her hand." OWW! WHAT THE FUCK, IS YOUR FACE MADE OUT OF STEAL!" she cries out once more holding herself in pain. Harry chuckles in the back ground and Megan stares in down replacing her grin with her middle finger. His smile turned into a frown when she said" Suck on that cheeky boy" then she stuck her finger in her mouth making the lolly pop sound before walking away. The girls then walked upstairs leaving all the boys feeling bad about keeping a little secret inside, a secret that already puts the girls in danger. " Well that went well" Liam says as he returns to his movie.







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