Full moon

Megan and Riley thought they were escaping their fear when they got the chance to move away from their abusive mother and in with their brother Louis Tomlinson. Only to find that Louis and his mates Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn all hide a dark secret, and along the way Megan gains a secret of her own. After months with the boys even Riley finds a secret that could change her life forever, or end it. The full moons are dangerous but everything is at stake when the last FULL MOON of the year comes. Read to find out what happens.


14. Chapter 13

Megan's POV

"It's Positive" Riley whispered as she lifted her head to look at Megan.

" P-positive?" Megan whisper/yelled.

" Yea" Riley said on the verge of tears. It was too late for Megan who was now balling. She couldn't be pregnant, she was only 18, she doesn't even have a boyfriend. Riley walked over to her and sat down, putting her hands up to rub her sisters back.

"It's okay, we'll get through this together" she smiled trying to comfort her sister. Megan didn't answer, she just fell into her sister crying. That was it, her life was officially over, either the baby would kill her or Louis would. Just then Riley started to speak again " We have to him sometime" it was like she was reading Megan's mind.

" I know, but how" she asked holding in sobs.

" I don't know". Then Riley stood up, taking her sister's hand in hers.

" Thank you" Megan cried. Riley just responded with a head nod. After Megan was on her feet, the girls walked up to Riley's room. Megan went to sit on the bed, while Riley walked over to her.

" How far along am I?" Megan questioned, holding her stomach.

" It said about 2-3 weeks, your not that far along, how didn't you know your pregnant, I mean you even have a slight  bump" Riley asked crossing her arms.

" I don't know" she whispered. " I mean, I have been questioning myself on why I've gained weight, and stuff, but I never thought it could lead to this?" she was full on crying now. Then from downstairs they heard the front door closing. Signaling that the boys were home from hunting.

" I'll start it off, you tell them, k?" Riley gestured softly standing up and looking at the floor.

" okay" Megan said standing up and walking over with Riley

" I going to love this baby" Megan smiled slighted taking hold of her stomach again.

" that's good, just keep that in your mind when Louis freaks out." Riley laughed. Megan smiled back at her then after they reached the bottom of the stairs Megan started to cry again.

" I can't do this" She said turned on her heel

You can and you will" Riley snapped. Pulling her sister down by the hair.

"OW OW OW" Megan mumbled as they entered they living room and Riley walked In front of her.

" Megan has something to tell you" Riley motioned her hands towards Megan as she took her seat beside everyone on the couch. Then at the same time all the boys rose to their feet. Starring Megan down. Starting from her bare feet, up past her grey pajama shorts, then above her tight black tank top to her teary eyes.

" What's wrong, Meg?" Louis asked with a worried look. She eyed every boy before coming out with the truth.

" I'm pregnant" She whispered, looking down at her hands, while fiddling with her fingers.

" What" Louis said, he couldn't hear her soft voice.

" I'm pregnant!" she yelled, with a face full of tears. Everybody starred at her. The room rose silent as Louis walked over to Harry.

" What the hell did you do to my sister!!" Louis screamed in his face. taking hold of his shirt.

" I didn't do anything " Harry yelled back pushing Louis off of him. The boys looked like them were going to kill each other. Megan just stood there starring and sobbing. Liam and Niall tried to hold harry back while Zayn took Louis's arm behind his back, trying to keep their wolves from coming out in front of the girls.

" Guys stop!" Riley screamed getting into the middle of them. Then harry got out of hold and accidentally hit Riley in the face sending her to the floor.

" Oh my god, I'm so sorry" Harry yelled coming back to reality.

" Yea it's fine" she mumbled while getting a hand up from Niall. " I was going to say that this baby is Dylan's"

Everyone went silent again, then Harry's glowed yellow in a rage. He then walked over to Megan and growled " I'm going to kill that mother fucker!" she cried even more. This side of Harry scared her. Though there was nothing stopping Harry from a rage. Well that's what she though until Riley pulled him back by the upper arm and looked him in the eyes, then she smiled, and right after, harry smiled. He wasn't mad anymore and his eyes along with hers were glowing a bright blue.

" What just happened?" Liam asked starring the two who were smiling at each other. Both Niall and Megan were getting kind of jealous. Finally their eyes pulled away and Riley walked over to Louis and did the exact same thing to him.

" Everyone feel better" she said looking around the room. All the boys nodded in agreement and in confusion. Nobody knows what Riley just did but nobody questioned her, just watched her away.




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