Full moon

Megan and Riley thought they were escaping their fear when they got the chance to move away from their abusive mother and in with their brother Louis Tomlinson. Only to find that Louis and his mates Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn all hide a dark secret, and along the way Megan gains a secret of her own. After months with the boys even Riley finds a secret that could change her life forever, or end it. The full moons are dangerous but everything is at stake when the last FULL MOON of the year comes. Read to find out what happens.


9. *Authors Note*

*Author Note*

Heeey my wolfies!! I hope your enjoying the book so far, we have a lot of surprises coming around the corner :) Hope you all liked the trailer, it's not great but we gave it our all! Anyway we just wanted to clear some things up.

First: When the boys are in human form they have only ripped jeans, no shirt or shoes

Second: This book takes place in the summer

Third : Dylan and Hunter are bad wolves, they only want Megan and Riley so they can hurt the other pack. A while back Louis's pack killed Dylan's mate, now there just getting payback.

Lastly: We are already making plans for a sequal:)

                                Love ya's ~Tanya&Hailey

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