Once Upon A Game

This a remake of Cinderella. Kylie lives with her Step Mom, and her step brother and sister. April is Kylie's closest friend...only friend. Find out what happens in this remake of cinderella...Once Upon a Game. (This story has a lot more twists to it)


1. Chapter 1. What A Friend

Chapter 1.

I'm 16 years old right now. My mom pasted away before I was even 1, so I never I got a chance to actually really meet her. My dad remarried when I was 14. So 2 years ago. Well, he died in a car crash a year ago. Now I'm living with my step mother, who's extremely nice to me, and her two kids Shay and Payton. They however hate me. Any opportunity they get to make my life miserable they'll take.  And my step mother doesn't even realize it. I call my step mom by her name which Cait. She perfectly okay with me calling her that too. This is my life at home.

At school, I have 1 friend. April. She's amazing! Shes like a sister to me. I'd do anything for her, and she'd do anything for me.  This school is one of the schools that groups up. Meaning you have the people at the bottom to the people at the top. April and I are somewhere in the middle. So you know how every school has its mean girls right? The most "powerful" girls in school. Meet Ashley and her clique. Morgan and Zuri. They're over dramatic and annoying. All they talk about is their make-up and school dances and all those things.  Next to them on the social ladder is the 5 star football players. Harry Styles(Football jersey #13), Liam Payne(#1), Zayn Malik (#34), and Niall Horan(#33).  They are all pretty cute. Now you know my life at my house, and at school, so now lets get on with the story!



"Kylie dear, its time to wake up. You have to get ready for school." Cait's voice echoed in head. I groaned. Getting out of my nice warm a cozy bed did not seem like something I'd do willingly. I pulled myself up and got out of bed. I glanced at my clock. 5:43 in the morning. Yay...not. I walked to my closet pulling out clothes. I sighed and made my way to the bathroom. I flicked the light on and walked in shutting the door behind me. I pulled out the curling iron and turned it on. I quickly got dressed into my outfit for the day. A black tank top underneath my lime green shredded shirt, black skinny jeans, and black knee high buckle up boots. For make-up, I applied a light green eye shadow, then put on mascara and eyeliner. I quickly brushed through my hair. By the time I was done with  that, my curling iron was done heating up. I quickly curled my hair a little and left the bathroom and headed to the kitchen.

"Hey Cait" I smiled. It was now 6:30. She turned. "Hey Kylie, want some hot chocolate?" I nodded. "That sounds good. She poured me a glass and handed it to me."Thanks" I took a sip of my cocoa. "So? Got your eye on any boys?" She started up a conversation. I shook my head. "No...not really looking for anybody right now." Cait smirked. "Who is he?" I laughed. "I don't like anybody!" We both laughed.  "Sure...." I rolled my eyes. "I should probably start walking to the bus stop...bye Cait." She smiled. "Bye" I grabbed my bag and phone, and walked out the door into the fresh cool morning air.

April was already at the bus stop by the time I got there. "Hey girly" I smiled. She laughed. "Hey" I sat down next to her on the bench. Nobody was at the bus stop yet. They'll probably start arriving in 5 minutes or so. "Kylie? Can I ask you something?" I nod. "Yeah of course anything." She smiled. "Who do you like? Tell me the truth" I sighed. "I don'-" She cut me off. "You can't say that! Tell me somebody!!!" I rolled my eyes. "Uh okay fine...I'll name my favorite number. I like #1." Her mouth dropped. "You like Liam????" I tilted my head confused. "How do you get me liking Liam out of #1?" She rolled her eyes mockingly. "Liam's jersey number is 1." Oh..duh. "I don't lik-" She cut me off again. "Uh-uh-uh. You can't change what you said missy!" I glared. "Whatever" 

People started arriving. April looked to me. "I'll be right back..." She got up and walked off. I sighed rolling my eyes. Sometimes I wonder if that girl has issues. Well...she does but then again everybody does. 5 minutes later she back grinning. I sighed. "April...what'd you do?" She laughed. "Nothing. What makes you think I did something?" I glared. "Oh I don't know... you think I like him, and when you disappeared for over 5 minutes, I get suspicious." She laughed then gulped. "Okay fine... you win...I-I' I smacked her arm."Spit it out!" She gulped. "I gave Liam's friends your number...to give to him."

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