Wolfblood(fake)series 3

After Maddy left Rhydian she couldn't even go to sleep without crying.She was mostly a Wolf al the time because of the stress.she would try to run away to find Rhydian but her parents wouldn't let her.One night her parents were sleeping and she took that chance to run back.what will happen next?.


4. Sneek peek and A/N


Scott POV

That guy was holding hands with MY Maddy!.Dan and Emma were there too."your stealing my girl!"i yelled at the guy even though i wasn't dating Maddy but i wanted too."last time i checked me and Maddy were dating!"the guy screamed at me."ok then,then let her choose between us!"i yelled at the guy."fine!"the guy yelled."so Maddy who do you pick?"the guy asked her.i noticed that they were still holding hands."i-i-i choose.....:"

end of sneek peek---


so guys plz comment what part you want because i really want parts!.PARTS!PARTS!PARTS!.

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