Wolfblood(fake)series 3

After Maddy left Rhydian she couldn't even go to sleep without crying.She was mostly a Wolf al the time because of the stress.she would try to run away to find Rhydian but her parents wouldn't let her.One night her parents were sleeping and she took that chance to run back.what will happen next?.


3. Scott

Emma POV

i kept on thinking where my cub would be and thats when i saw the river.Maddy said it reminded her of Rhydian so maybe she went back to Rhydian in Stony Bridge!.I ran to Dan telling him where i think Maddy is.he agreed that she was probably there.we ran to Jana telling her that we were going back to stony bridge.she looked sad at first but then nodded."but i need you to take somebody just incase you get in danger"Jana said.she whistled and a boy came out.i remembered that thats the boy maddy hung out with all the time.his name is Scottie but maddy called him Scott.he has brown hair brown eyes and he is build up."no thank you,we'll be ok alone"i said smiling.i don't want my cub to marry OR date a wild wolfblood he will change her into a maniac.i want her to be with rhydian."EMMA!i am your alpha so YOU follow my rules NOW take him!"she said.i sighed.he smiled.i knew he loved Maddy but he doesn't know about Rhydian.We ran all the way to StonyBridge.when we arrived at the woods close to the school i saw rhydian coming towards us.i told Scottie to run the other direction because i didn't want him seeing rhydian.Rhydian came up to me and luckily Scottie was gone."Ms.Smith Maddy was kidnapped by Dr.Whitewood!"rhydian said."MY CUB!"i screamed.I followed him to where Maddy is.When he stopped i looked at the huge building."this is where she is" rhydian said.i ran inside and followed him up the stairs quietly.We stopped at a room and i heard screaming.I tried opening the door but it was locked.my eyes turned yellow and then i kicked the door open.Then my eyes turned back to brown.I saw a knife in Maddys stomach.i had enough of Whitewood.i turned into a wolf and that's when I heard Dr.Whitewood say something i knew would happen to maddy and i knew what it meant."Maddys eyes turned red!"she yelled at me."i want to know what it means and she wouldn't tell me!"she screamed."that's because she doesn't know what it means Whitewood!"Dan screamed at her.maddys eyes turned red because she fell in love with someone but i didn't know who."what does it mean?"Whitewood said.i turned back to human form.i smiled evily and then i grabbed her and threw her in a cage and locked it."YOU CAN'T DO THIS EMMA!"Whitewood screamed at me."you can't Gia round stabbing people in the stomach!"i said almost in tears."SHES NOT HUMAN,YOU GUYS AREN'T HUMAN!YOU GUYS ARE BEASTS!"she screamed at me."YOUR THE BEAST"i screamed back.i took the knife out of lady and she healed right away.i hugged her in tears."my cub"i said in tears."mam"she said back.i let go in tears smiling at her.she smiled back.

Maddy POV

I hugged rhydian in tears."i would of been dead if it wasn't for you"i said."we both would of been dead if you didnt convince me of getting out of here"rhydian said."i luv u"i said to rhydian.he smiled.he kissed me on the lips while mam and dad weren't looking."i luv u too"he said after the kiss."well lets get out of here"mam said."but first"mam said.she grabbed tape from the table and tied Whitewood on the cage.even her mouth.we laughed as we got out of the building.Then i smelled a scent from the wild wolfpack....Scott.There he was looking at me and rhydian holding hands.

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