Wolfblood(fake)series 3

After Maddy left Rhydian she couldn't even go to sleep without crying.She was mostly a Wolf al the time because of the stress.she would try to run away to find Rhydian but her parents wouldn't let her.One night her parents were sleeping and she took that chance to run back.what will happen next?.


2. "Please don't leave me""not again"

Maddy's POV

i woke up on a uncomfortable bed.i looked around and found rhydian about to be stabbed.i got out of the bed and snatched the knife away.the guy looked scared.im not a killer so i dropped the knife.Dr.Whitewood came in."the year went as we wanted it to"Dr.Whitewood said."what?"i said confused."we tested if you would save rhydian to see if he is your love"Dr.Whitewood said with an evil smirk.I growled at her."you can't hurt me beast"Dr.Whitewood said."who said i couldn't.AND IM NOT A BEAST!"i said filled with anger."if you try hurting me i will kill rhydian!"Dr.Whitewood said.i saw Rhydian being dragged into a cage.My eyes turned red and i growled loudly that the whole world could hear me.the man locked the cage rhydian was in and ran out.Dr.Whitewood ran out scared and locked the door so i couldn't get out.i ran to the cage rhydian was in and tried opening it.i put my claws out and unlocked it.he got out andi kissed him on the lips.i put my forehead on his.thats when the doors opened and i was takened away from him.I felt weak.i was put into a big cage and it went on fire.my eyes turned yellow and i backed up against the cage.my claws went all the ways out.i couldn't take it anymore.I turned into a werewolf and jumped over the fire and busted the door open.Dr.Whitewood had a candle and she lit it up and i noticed rhydian surrounded by it.A candle fell down and then all of them fell.She didnt know rhydian is a wolfblood!.he closed his eyes and hid his veins.I tried running to him but a man held me back and i watched him burn.The screaming and pain hurt me alot.i was crying so much that my eyes would fall any second.i couldn't take it anymore!.I howled loudly and hoped my mam and dad heard me.i got out of the guys grip and jumped on Dr.Whitewood.i picked her up and threw her at the wall.i turned around and grabbed rhydian and took him out of the fire.i found a bucket filled with water and poured it on him.there was no more fire on him but he was burned all over.Wolfbloods can heal fast so he started healing.i took the left over fire on the ground because nobody else needs to burn.I tried unlocking the door but it wouldn't budge.i looked at Dr.Whitewood who was dragging Rhydian into a cage."STOP!"i screamed at her.she looked at me."if you let Rhydian free...ill let you do the tests on me"i said shocked at what i said.but i would do anything for Rhydian."ok.You made the right chose"Dr.Whitewood said.the other man grabbed him and led him out the door.Rhydian tried grabbing my hand but the man pushed him out of the way."wait!can i say goodbye?"i said."fine"the man said.he let rhydian go to me.I held his hands.we put our foreheads together."ill miss you"i said almost crying."please don't leave me"rhydian said in tears."not again"rhydian said."I'm not letting you get hurt"i said in tears."i promised you i would protect you"rhydian said."you can try finding mam and dad for help"i whispered to his ear.rhydian was crying more and it broke my heart."and if you find Shannon and Tom tell them i said"hi""i said."ok,I LUV you"rhydian said with tears almost in his mouth.i put his hand on my heart.he smiled.i smiled.he kissed me.i came up to his ear."i LUV you too"i whispered in his ear.the man tried taking him away but rhydian wouldn't let go of my hand.i giggled.the man finally made rhydian let go of my hand and left with my rhydian.seeing the face on his face broke my heart into pieces.i turned around and saw Dr.Whitewood crying but cleaned the tears off quickly.

this is the second chapter.anyways I'm gonna start putting people in the book now so plz comment if you want a part.this is what you have to tell me:

Full Name:it can be fake

Do you wanna be a wolfblood?:

Eye color:

Hair color:

tell me a little bit about you:

So that is what you have to tell me and so plz!comment because i LUV comments!.and tell me if you like this book.also PLZ COMMENT.FAVORITE,AND LIKE!

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