Wolfblood(fake)series 3

After Maddy left Rhydian she couldn't even go to sleep without crying.She was mostly a Wolf al the time because of the stress.she would try to run away to find Rhydian but her parents wouldn't let her.One night her parents were sleeping and she took that chance to run back.what will happen next?.


1. Escape

Maddy's POV 

I woke up by the abandoned beach that i accidentally fell asleep here.This beach reminds me of Rhydian.I don't know.I got up and ran back to the pack.It was still night so i had enough time to go back to sleep with mam and dad.when i ran to my mom and dad inside the den we made and they were sleeping.i had a plan.I ran outside the den quietly and ran back to my best friends.


I stopped at the woods and sat down on a tree.i heard a bell rang and i turned around noticing i was close to my old school.i looked at the school and i saw Rhydian get out of the building!.He was walking towards the tree i was on so i hid.when he passed by me i jumped on him.i laughed.he must of noticed my laugh because he said"Maddy?".he turned around and saw me.he pushed me to the ground and we laughed.he kissed me.I kissed him back.he started kissing my neck.i smiled.when he stopped i got up and helped him up.i laughed when he was walking and"accidentally"fell over a stick."you sneaky little girl"Rhydian said.i helped him up and that's when the tears came out.i buried my face into his chest and started crying."i missed you so much"i said with tears almost in my mouth."i missed you too"Rhydian said.

Emma's POV(Maddy's mam)

i woke up and there was no sight of Maddy.I woke up Dan and he noticed we ran out of the den and told Jana that Maddy is missing.Jana looked worried.we checked the beach but nothing was there!.we checked Jana again."i don't know where Maddy is and there's no scent either"Jana said."it must of been because of that water on the beach she was on"i said."well thanks again Jana"i said and started looking again.

Maddy's POV

"what happened to Dr.Whitewood?"i asked Rhydian."i ate her...I'm just kidding.well she asked me Shannon and Tom questions and didnt test anybody's blood.but she asked if we knew where you were and she asked me that yesterday"Rhydian said."but no matter what i will protect you"Rhydian said.he kissed me again.he let go and held my hand.we walked around and then i noticed my old house.i ran over there with him.i opened the door and saw everything broken.i smelled the human scent.i ran down the stairs that lead to the den quietly and the door was open.i saw Dr.Whitewood!.she was looking around and then saw me."why did you leave!"Dr.Whitewood said."i didn't want to become your lab rat!"i screamed at her.my veins started growing.i growled at her."all i wanted to do is test you out!you beast!"Dr.Whitewood screamed.i had it i turned into a wolf and growled at her.but it was louder.Rhydian must of heard it because he came running down the stairs.She sprayed something at Rhydian and he fainted.I turned back into human."Rhydian!"i screamed.then i did something no wolf could do.My eyes turned red.she saw them and got scared.my teeth got out and they were longer.then she sprayed something something at me and i blacked out.


Should i continue?plz comment if i should!.


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