The Ring

Marina, an innocent girl on the inside, dark and mysterious on the outside. Her friends warned her.... she didn't listen. She always gets what she wants. Not anymore, not after she lets her heart win the fight. Not after she lets the deceiving images women like to stare at take her down for once, will she ever come back?


1. Character Description

Marina Loquehart (Margo KO)

5'6'' and a brunette    green eyes    innocent INside dark OUTside

Dislikes  Pandora, shopping (excessively), curling her hair, movies, jewelry (not important items)

Likes  8tracks, Boxing, pregame sessions, straightening her hair, books, her keepsakes (Mother's necklace, ring of her dad's, random bracelets from previous fights, tokens or prizes from matches)


Chansey Shane (Chay pronounced shay)




5'11'' the tall one, brunette, blue eyes (dark), always happy, innocent through and through

Likes    Partying, encouraging and inspiring people, Pandora, shopping, jewelry, the girly things!

Dislikes  hardcore things, dark and dreary things, being made fun of, wrestling.


Lillian Poe (LiLi anne pronounnced leelee anne)

5'3'' the midget the sober one mostly, wavy hair, grey eyes, very mysterious, Margo's best friend, Edgar Allan Poe is an ancestor of her past...

Likes   books, staying home too, going outside, music

Dislikes   men, her past, Margo's choice in boxing, Her nose...(self conscious)


The Boys of course, but in this story Louis is a boxer, harry is the same, Liam actually lets himself get drunk more often, Niall doesn't have the annoying trait in every story of eating all the time, Zayn is the same, but more sophisticated.



Margo boxes secretly, as secret as possible, she lives in Brighton a city in England.  Her friends do not prefer her boxing, but its what she likes and that's all they want is for her to be happy.  One day her match is against a guy that the girls insist her NOT to go against, but she does anyway.  She didn't realize that he was as vulnerable as they forgot to make him out to be, she is very protective over her things.  She always gets what she wants, she always wins.










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