The Ring

Marina, an innocent girl on the inside, dark and mysterious on the outside. Her friends warned her.... she didn't listen. She always gets what she wants. Not anymore, not after she lets her heart win the fight. Not after she lets the deceiving images women like to stare at take her down for once, will she ever come back?


4. 3

He didn't react, not even a flinch.  Did he hear me?  I didn't move I didn't dare to ask again, even if I did he wouldn't have said anything more likely.  All he did was type at a record speed.  I glance at his screen, something about a warzone.  I look at my draft too, the girl just figured out she had a mental illness, her parents never told her, too busy beating her to tell her the truth I suggested.  I wrote a few more chapters and then stopped, clicking a new tab and turning on some indie music, some layered mix of a One Direction song.  Nothing out of the normal on 8Tracks.  I glance at him a few times before his hand is on the touch pad and the other is on my knee, no he's a guy, I scream through my thoughts.  The thoughts swirl around any girly thing I may have left, boy instincts, and the character in my book.  She never liked boys, she never knew one who was calm and collected, unlike her father.  She didn't think regularly anyways.  Juliana is always asking herself questions like this, how do I react? Right now I feel like Juliana, lost in my thoughts incapable of knowing how to react.  My phone buzzes and I jump.  I pick it up and answer the waiting call.

"Yeah yeah!" I say.

"Margo, I need you to come train, this 'too cute for the ring' character is 6'1" tall and uhhh too ugly for the ring. Gym NOW!" my trainer yells in my ear.

"Okay, okay....shit! Bye!" I yell back.

"Zayn, I gotta run.  Training for my fight tomorrow..." I catch his attention.

"I can come, drive, do something." he insists.

"Okay, stay in the living room.  I'm gonna go change." I say as I bolt up the steps.

"Okay." he replies.

I run into my room, stopping at the door after kicking it open.  Spandex, knuckle tape, sports bra, chalk, ponytail, go! I say to myself as I run frantically around my room.  I quickly change and pull my hair into a ponytail as I run out of my room and down into the living room. Damn does last second things make me go wild.  I run into the living room and find Zayn ready at the door, I mean has his hand on the doorknob ready, and we shove off.  I open the passenger's side door and slip in.  He slides in to the driver's side with such ease I wonder if maybe he's done it before, of course he has he used to box himself.  We pull out of the drive and I don't have to show him the way, he already knew...creepy?  He pulls into a parking spot and i hop out.  He shuts off the car and hops out after  me. 
"1 minute late Marina!" my trainer yells.  "Honestly, why are you late give me one good reas-" he cuts himself off as he makes eye contact with Zayn.

  His eyes grow wide, "On your mark, get set, Malik?  Is that really you?" was that his show name?

"Please do not bring up the worst show name in history." Zayn looked away.

"What can I call you then?" coach asks.

"Malik.  Or my name, which is Zayn." Zayn shakes off.

There they sit talking about old fights.  It's quite the show, sitting and watching Zayn in focus, reminiscing.  Eventually I get up.  Coach talks to Zayn as I'm warming up.

"So how did you of all people meet, her. " Coach said.

"Well we live a few houses down.  I just sort of popped out a few days ago." he hid the pub scene like a pro.

"Are you coming to the fight tomorrow?" I stopped mid punch, was he?

His eyes flicked over from coach to me, as if he was asking me, Can I?  I smiled at the ground.

"Sure. Nothing better than a good old fight."

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