The Ring

Marina, an innocent girl on the inside, dark and mysterious on the outside. Her friends warned her.... she didn't listen. She always gets what she wants. Not anymore, not after she lets her heart win the fight. Not after she lets the deceiving images women like to stare at take her down for once, will she ever come back?


3. 2

I woke up later than usual.  I hear the phone ringing, so I bolt up from my bed and into the hallway where the wall unit is.

"Hello, Loquehart residence, Marina speaking." I answer.

"Margo?  It's Zayn, when was I supposed to come over?" I hear his voice, his rugged morning voice.  It was insanely attractive.

"1:30? I think." I reply.

"Okay cool, see you in 4 hours." his voice rings cheerfully into the phone.

We hang up and I skip to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator door I see orange juice and jelly.  Of course that isn't it, but that's breakfast.  I grab the bread from the pantry and plop it into the toaster.  I open the cupboard and grab a glass, pouring my orange juice into it.  I check on the toast, 30 more seconds, and roll up the window shades, letting in more light to the room.  I hear it's beeping and do a little my-food-is-ready-to-be-consumed dance around the kitchen.  I grab the toast and put some jelly on it.  I put everything on my plate, walk to the front door and onto the porch.  I set the food down on the pull-out table in front of one of the porch chairs.  I look around and bend over, pulling my hair into a very untamed bun.  I look around once more, I notice Zayn's house, his bright blue door noticeable through and through.  It suddenly opens, making me jump a little.  Out comes Zayn, plate of food in hand, pulling a chair up to his little table.  I didn't think everyone ate on their porches...  He looks around, spotting me, I turn and act like I'm eating without the knowledge he's looking over.  I soon glance up and see him, still staring, I wave and slightly smile, my dimple shows.  He waves in return, his smile like white pearls.  I feel heat rush to my cheeks, I turn back to my food and finish the toast.  I hear my phone from inside, I run to get it.  I pick it up without seeing the caller ID, "Hello?" I say.

"Hello Margo." it's Zayn.

"I just saw you, like, two minutes ago." I state.

"Bring out your computer, we can email or something." he counters.

"If I bring out my computer I'm writing." I point. I walk to my room and grab the computer.

"I sent an email, please??" he whines.  I normally hate whining, but he makes it so...attractive.

"Okay" I say as I open the porch door, computer in one hand, phone in the other.

"Thanks M." he sighs.

I hang up and start up the computer.  I criss cross my legs and click the New Tab button.  I check my email, new message, I look in Zayn's home's direction, giving him the Thumbs Up.  I open up my writing drafts and continue my latest book, Games, and get an email notification.  I turn tabs to the email page

Whatcha writing?

I reply,

A book, its just a draft...

I turn back tabs and write at least two paragraphs and another email pops up.

Cool, how's it coming, yeah?

Oh you know, swell, whatchu doin?, I reply.

Writing as well

I chuckle to myself, He's writing?  Never guessed, but I should have seeing as he lives surrounded by authors and editors and college kids working for their writer careers.

Wow, forget 1:30 come over!  Let's write together! , I add

Heading over there right now.

I look up and sure enough he's grabbing his pull out table and his computer, plus the charger, to my house.

  He's a house or two over before I yell across the yard, "Never would have guessed you wrote!"

  He chuckles, "I should say the same for you!"

 I laugh as he walks up the porch steps, "Your place is ever cooler in the daylight." he smiles.

I tap the seat next to me and scoot over some to make a space for him.  He sits and set up his "work space".  We sit in silence, the only noise is our breathing and the whirring of his laptop opening up again.

"So, when did you start writing?" he finally breaks the ice.

"When I was 13, I read until then, but Lillian and I had always wrote together or read the same material.  She was the girl who was with Bentley at the bar last night."

"Oh, she seems like a nice woman.  Bentley and I don't talk a lot, just sometimes when I actually go to that part of the club.  Isn't he in University or something?" he asks.

"Yeah, studying law." I shy away.  I open up my writing tab.

"What's it about, your book?" Zayn questions.

"Oh, this girl has a mental illness and her family mistreats her.  She never goes to normal classes, always being bullied or depressed, but one day she finally meets someone at this local library and he tries to make her about as "normal" as possible because that's what she wants.  He never got her completely there though, but he starts to really like her.  But he cannot because she is dying from the illness so when she dies he's going to be so sad that he dies with her." I say, I shy away.

"Wow" he replies.

"I write and imagine things, I always wondered what might happen if my books came to life.  Like my others, The Paradigm Shift, People Were Rain And Now Hurricanes, others like that..." I ramble.

"What do you want to come true from your books?" he asks.

"Oh, they're just love stories, things a girl wants, not someone like me." I start to lower my head.

"Oh, i'm sure something you want is girly. Name something you have never had happen."

"I've never had a boyfriend, a first kiss, or anything like that... Boys never seemed to be my area of expertise." I say clearer.  I just wonder what Zayn's thinking.

"Well, you should know, I have never kissed anyone either, the feeling is mutual.  From books I've read boys are supposed to put their hand on her cheek, brush their lips against hers once before actually kissing her.  I didn't get the holding of the cheek thing."  he explains.

"I know!  That could be so awkward or rude or something.  Somethings aren't meant to be explained or something."  I say as I stare into his eyes, a lighter brown than I had seen prior to this before.

"Your eyes are to induldging, I could stare into them forever." he says, though it is trance like, he seems in a daze.  I blink and I feel the heat rush to my cheeks.  I feel his hand, it's so close to mine, but yet, so far away.  I clear my throat and turn to my screen.  I begin reading something I got via his email.

"Did you write this?" I ask before I read to far in.

"Yes, enjoy, I wrote it last night." he smiks, I hear him say to himself, "for you." and I grin.

Her brown hair flows behind her, I stare at her.  Her eyes are so grey green, they mesmerize me.  I had no choice, I reached  out for her, touching the small of her back, spinning her around.  I kiss her, long and passionately.  Her lips taste of vanilla, something I wanted more of.  I then place my lips on her forehead and leave her at the front door, she's home, that's something I wish I could have done, when really, all I did was call her home beautiful and schedule a "date" for tomorrow.

"Woah, I thought you didn't know the slightest of kissing."

I don't that is how I imagine it though"

"Well now I'm imagining things too..."

"Oh really?" he flirtatiously winked.

"Check your email." I sent him a draft.  It was one of the more romantic ones.  It takes him around 4 minutes to read it, considering its length.

"The mental images I am currently going through are making me fanboy inside." he exclaims.

"Fanboy, seriously, its that 'good'?" I say, laughs ever so slightly.

"Yeah, who's this about?" he asks.

"No one in particular, I read it whenever I feel crush worthy or something." I explain.

"Oh Well, I have something for that, here." he sends it with a click of the key board.

I get the emailed draft,

People like her are hard to come by, she leaves you in a trance, unable to form words that came so easily before.  She's not different from others, I take that back, she's so much more beautiful physically and mentally.  Its maybe the way her hair is always flowing, her eyes are always captivating, her smile is always bright and happy, her laugh is always contagious.  I don't know, but I feel like I should.

It continues after that, but I only read so far until I noticed the last time he read it was shown on the toggle button, I look at it, he read it last night.

"You read it yesterday?" I ask.

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