The Ring

Marina, an innocent girl on the inside, dark and mysterious on the outside. Her friends warned her.... she didn't listen. She always gets what she wants. Not anymore, not after she lets her heart win the fight. Not after she lets the deceiving images women like to stare at take her down for once, will she ever come back?


2. 1

Margo's Point of View

I wake up to a doorbell and continuous knocking on my door, "DAMNIT MARGO WAKE THE FUCK UP!" oh shit it's my trainer.  "Let your ass in I live alone." "It's locked Bitch!" I run to the door, open it and throw a punch to his right shoulder, "The hell did you just call me?" "Good, you're up.  Your gloves came in." "OH MY JESUS WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?" He hands them to me and I squeal, too girly... "Dude, they're amazin' yeah?" My accent flying all over the place.  We headed down to BigShot Boxing, my gym, and set up.  We opened the gym and I went into the last room at the end of the long, opened hallway.  I turned on the room lights, memorabilia covering the walls and behind the glass walls was a window that you could see into the room.

I put the punching bag on the hook and warmed up, my coach walked in and started yelling calls at me.  I worked as hard and fast as possible until we stopped for a break, the door jingled and our manager walked in.

  "Hello Mr.Cayson, I am here to schedule Margo's next match." our manager said.

"John, what can we do ya for?" Coach smiled.

"Monday, 4;30?"

"Never better."


"Hey, John, who am I fighting?" I intervened.

"Some kid from Mullingar... he's too cute for the ring!" he laughed.  He then left and I walked back into the room, setting up tape for my knuckles.

Coach walks in after me and turns on some song I hadn't heard before, its something POP, Chansey would listen to this shit.  I throw punches and kicks at the bag to the beat of the song.  He changes it to a Selena Gomez jam, something I could actually work with. Undercover blares and we hear another jingle from the door, "Damnit, I'll grab it." I sigh.  I take off the gloves, not the tape, which is a navy color.  I like this kind of tape, I take out my phone and go to notes, putting the brand into the memory so I can get more later.

"Hi, welcome to BigShot Boxing!  Can I help you?" I say nonchalantly, as if I wasn't sweating buckets.  I raise my head to see who I was in fact greeting.  I see a tall guy with rugged features, nothing special, his eyes are a darker brown and his hair is that of a raven's feathers.  Descriptive I know right?

"Hey, you guys have boxing training from a professional, my daughter wants to start up again.  She used to minor league, but she wants to come back with a vengeance." he asks.

"May I ask...why with the ....vengeance?" I say between breaths.

"She broke her back, well three spinal plates to a girl named Killer KO.  Don't ask about that she's touchy around that for I suggest the right reasons.  Well she just wants to come back with a MUCH better rep this time." he explains.

"Oh, I beat the --- lights? out of her one time.  I offer classes on Wednesdays, Noon to 5:30 if you wanna bring her by or something." I offer up.

"She's in the car if you want to meet her." he exclaims.

"Oh sure, bring her in!" I cheer.  It's never bad to meet a fellow fighter.  She walks in with an old fighters shirt on, 2011 championships minor league, THE PLATUE, is written on it and some athletic shorts, a knee brace on too.  I stare at my own brace, we have something in common I guess.

"Hi my names Karr Presley.  They called me Stars with Karr, haha that brought me down most certainly.  Are you Margo KO?" she speaks up.

"Yeah, hi Karr.  I think I saw you in the ring once. 2010 maybe?" I ask.

"Yeah, A while back.  Haven't trained much since The Recovery." She says.

"Marina Loquehart, what is taking so lo-" he cuts himself off when he sees Karr.

"Oh hello!" he takes the reigns as I head back again with Like A Champion playing as I walk into the room again.  I stretch again and do sit ups until  I hear what sounds like the guy and Karr are leaving.  "Nice girl, so I signed her up for privates starting in the winter." he says.  Summer I can't work with too many fights during then.  "Got it I'm gonna head to LiLi Anne's see yah, yeah!" I say as I walk out.

***After The Walk To Lillian's***

"Hey, Lillian!  Open your door I'm outside."


I hear footsteps and the door clicks when she unlocks it.

"Hey Margo!  Guys Margo's here!"

well shit I thought she didn't have company.

"Hey Margo!" Chansey screams from the kitchen, typical her, always eating.

"So heard about your fight, who's the guy this time?" Lillian interjects.

I run inside and plop onto the counter top, legit on top of the counter.

"Some guy from Mullingar, 'too cute for the ring' he said" I chuckle.

"Omg (insert dying of laughter face here) 'too cute for the ring?" Chansey laughs.

"Yeah, but aren't they all?" I say.

"....change the topic please."  Lillian pouts in her swivel chair.

"Oh yeah the last time a cutie from the ring came out alive, Harry was it, you dated him." Chansey chuckles.

Never date someone your friend works with, fights with, or beat the shit out of.  And never date a ringer.  Ringers are usually people who box and end up drunk a lot, unattractive after a brutal beating, abusive, user, cheater, etc.  It's what I learned.  It's what I live by.

"So pasta and rice from Coy's?" Lillian diverts.

Coy's is this little family owned business about 5 minutes out from my house across town.  The manager and Chef love me so much I have a key to the place, I even give them 5,000 pounds a year to pay for all the food I get there.  It's a great place really.

"PLAIN ALL THE WAY!" Chansey screams.

"Coy's at my place and clubbing after?" I say.

"Designated Driver first and for most." Lillian predicts. She never drinks, not even fizzies.

"Bring your own shit, I'm getting ready in my own clothes this time." I say remembering when Chansey tried to fit me in her giant clothes. Hash tag no!

"Bye, see you at 8:30, we feast, we get ready and leave at 9 okay?" I say.

I hear the mutters of agreement behind me as I leave LiLi Anne's house and walk back to the gym.  I search for my keys in my small backpack sized purse and unlock the car.  I open the car door and casually put the ignition on and turn up what ever is on the radio.  I pull out of the avenue and drive down Valley 10 with Demons by Imagine Dragons in the speakers.  Its only 20 minutes before I pass up the club that we would be seeing more of in only 5 hours, Buuz and Booze, was written on the door.  I stifle my obnoxious laugh remembering what happened the last time we went there, Lillian met Harry! I pass it up and drive 5 more minutes until I see our neighborhood within a blocks radius, Beaux V'ei.  I pass my neighbors waving at few of them.  Most of the people who live here are sophisticated authors, college boys, or old people.  I pull into my car port and open my car door, shutting off the ignition.  I pull out my house keys and unlock the door and turn on the lights.  I take out my phone and dial Coy's, I don't even say anything just 'Mason, Plain for....5 please' and he mutters a gotcha and hangs up.  They must be busy or something he seemed in the zone.  I run upstairs and disappear into my closet to find clubbing clothes.  I find a black leather jacket with blackened out studs on the collar area; black suede pumps; and a sweetheart, strapless, black, sequined, short dress fading from black to white and with feathery detail, quite cute actually.  I go to the bathroom and grab my makeup counter, grabbing with me to the center of my room.  I pull my hair back and apply concealer, foundation, and blush.  I find a darker red lipshtick for my lips that i'll save for after I eat.  I find white eyeliner and a dark smokey eye look that makes my eyes pop, apply and vuwahlah! I plug in my curling iron and lightly make softer waves, nothing to kinky.  I pull some strands here and there for a tousled look and then put my dress on and my moomoo over it so I can eat without worry.  I look at the time, 8:45, I should here knocking soon.  I grab a black studded purse and put the heels and lipshtick in the bag.  I go downstairs and walk to the porch, book in hand.  Divergent; Page 306; Current Read, I update my twitter feed and start reading.   It isn't much longer before I hear a car pull in and Chansey, Lillian and Mason pop out of the Junkie Jeep he owns.  He's got the food, they have their moomoos, heels, lipshtick, and purses in hand.  Clubbing is an option, or a masquerade is going on.  I hear Brodey, my neighbor, wolf whistle from his porch across the street.  There, he has his laptops and papers at the ready, he's writing alright.  We walk inside and unpack the food, giving Mason our gratitude for the Coy's Feast.  He walked out the door as we began to eat, the plain meal with shredded cheese and salt is never better.  I finish first and steal Chansey's plate from her.

"I wasn't done yet." she retorted.

"Yeah, well since you get so damn tipsy I feel as if what goes in your stomach ends up coming up any ways so more for me!" I giggle and eat her food.

  Soon we are all done and upstairs putting on lipshtick, our shoes too and removing our moomoos to see what we wore.  Chansey chose her deep purple skin tight dress and sandals while Lillian has on a high low turquoise dress with sparkly wedges.  I look the best just saying.  We walk downstairs and into my car, I pull out of the drive and about 5 minutes after we reach a block's radius from the club. Buuz and Booze  is only a block away and I can already feel the excitement.  I park the car, open the door, and can already smell the alcohol from the lot.  We walk into the entrance, showing our ID's and walk to the bar.  Lillian sits down and gets water.  Chansey and I grab actual drinks, Chansey has martini, Myself? PINTS! We drink and then scatter.  I walk around and prop up on a wall near the back, Chansey heads out to the dance floor.  I see loads of guys, the usual at B&B, but I feel different for some reason, like eyes are forever on me.  My jacket seems to tight and I unzip it.  Chansey looks so damn tipped, the dark drink in her hand suggests someone gave her something heavier than her little shit of a martini.  Some guy walks up behind her and taps her shoulder, I stay on the wall.  She turns and he heads for her lips, not unpredictable, she goes with it.  The tipsy Chansey is turned completely on, she's under the drunken state of such as I will have to tell her what she did tonight tomorrow morning.  I laugh to my self and grab the attention of someone, I suppose its the one I feel under the eyes of.  He turns around quite fast and walks away, I honestly don't care.  I still feel under someone's eyes so I head to the bar and see Lillian talking politics with the tender, he seems around our age maybe a year younger, he must be in his final years of college.  I sit down beside her, ordering more pints.  I never get tipsy, pints keep me sober enough to know what's happening and be able to control my actions.  Lillian laughs and sighs, apparently something was funny.

"So who's this Lillian?" I ask.  She looks at me red in the face.

"Bentley, he's studying law at Manchester University.  I was just talking about somethings in my field as well." Oh yeah she is an attorney, she works in her library mostly though.

"Well, I'm Marina, but you can call me Margo." I say bluntly.

"Hello Margo." he confidently expresses, hand enxtending.

I shake his hand and he goes back into Lillian, never taking an eye off her, deep conversations man.  I walk around a bit more, hitting the dance floor after 23 came on, tons of people "twerked" to that.  I love the rush of it all, I don't dance much anymore, I used to dance all the time.  Some randoms walked up to me a few times, usually wanting to try something, I just cracked knuckles and they left, not much of a scene maker here.  I head to a separate room, looks like the game room of any old bar.  Some people play pool, watch the game, play poker, that shit.  I sit beside some tan guy, tattoos covering his arms, chest, and a left around his ankles.  He looks british like us all, but maybe he's Pakistani British.  He has his phone out, violently texting.

  I watch the game from my spot next to him, I start the feeling of uncomfortableness, "Hey, uh random guy I just met, can you save this seat I'm gonna go change." I say politely.

"Why would someone want to change from a beautiful dress to whatever else you might possibly have in the endless chamber women call a purse?" he says, hints of flirtation filling his sophisticated sentence.

"I'm not all dresses and martinis, I'm jeans and pints." I point.

"Okay, don't take forever please.  By the way' he says as I get up, 'my name is Zayn."

"Well, Zayn, I'm quite sure you know I wouldn't take 1,000 years, but instead a mear 10 minutes." I hurriedly say as I scurry to the bathroom.

I open the door and lock myself into the biggest stall.  I open my 'endless chamber women call a purse' and pull out combat boots, jeans, and a random tank top from a past competition I was in.  I change in under 5 minutes and fold the dress inside my purse.  I walk out, back into the pub styled area and head back to my seat, his hand had taken its spot on top of the chair, clearly hold it for someone, myself.

"Back in under 10 minutes. Nice, random girl I just met." he states.

"It's Marina, but everyone calls me Margo." I say taking my seat next to him. He sees my shirt.

"Brighton's Annual Brawler Bowl, yeah?" he points to my tank top.

"Yeah!" I say.

"Boyfriend boxes?" he asks, losing confidence.

"Men are deceiving images women like to stare at, I box thank you very much." I counter, rolling up the jacket sleeves.  I suggest a revelation of some muscles in my arms. He nods in surrender.

"Never would have guessed it. What gym do you go to?" he asks, he seemed familiar.  too familiar.

"BigShot Boxing." I state.  The game became irrelevant while we indulged in conversations of gyms, competitions, everything imaginable.  Turns out he boxed, back then, in his younger ages.  He was 22, a year older than myself.  He had heard of me, Margo KO, me any how.  Always thought I was a bitch, I mean I am, but he didn't think I was as 'cool' as I apparently am.  I hear my name being called after what felt like hours talking with him.

"Margo!" I hear a bubbly noise calling me.

I turn to see Chansey falling over her own self, Lillian and Bentley following with looks of severe concern on their faces.

"Margo, can you help me?" Chansey asks. Clearly drunk over the state of stability.

"Is she okay?" Zayn asks.

"Higher than a damn kite." I reply.

"Who's the hunk babe?  Is he your soulmate? hehe" she slurs.

"He's Zayn, former boxer, a friend.  Isn't he attractive though." I say. Winking at him, and waving Bentley over.  We grab her arms and Zayn grabs my things from the bar. Lillian stands to the side with Chansey's shoes and her few belongings.  Bentley and Zayn launch into a conversation us girls like to call, Boy Talk.  Lillian sighs and looks at Bentley, she's crushing quite possibly.  I look at Zayn, friends I push myself towards that solution.  We step into the car.  Bentley is driving with Lillian and Chansey in the back.

"Did you drive here?" I ask, quite desperate for another way home.

"Yeah its the silver Silverado over there." he points in the cars direction.

"Can I possibly, maybe, catch a ride home?" I ask.

"Why of course.  Where might you live?" he asks, chuckling.

"Beaux V'ei. The big navy colored house with a red front door." I speak up.

"The sophisticated life hmm? Doesn't fit your outer shell does it?" he smirks.

"Not exactly, but my inner shell fits perfectly." I joke.

"You're lucky I live close." he smiles this time, his smile is...cute.

"How close?" I question as we get into the silver Silverado.

"I live legitimately four houses down." he says.


"Yes, your house is an eye turner." he points out.

"Yeah, I guess it is isn't it?" I say.

"The girl living in it is even more of an eye catching surprise." he says, flirting with action.

"You are too kind my gentleman  friend." I laugh.

We turn down the entrance and he points out his house, legitimately four houses down, Bright Blue door, white through and through. He pulls into my car port and escorts me to my door, as I unlock it he says quietly, "I wonder if the inside is as beautiful as I picture it." I understand people think it looks outlandish, but he makes it seem so.....different.  I open the door and turn on the lights, his eyes widen.
"As beautiful as I picture it." he smiles.

"Well, unfortunately it's all you are seeing for tonight.  Books on the back porch tomorrow?  Big fight Monday." I say.

"Never more excellent.  See you at the back porch tomorrow." he says as he turns to leave.  The silver Silverado pulls out of my car port and down the street into his own port.  I turn off the porch lights and close the door.

What an eventful day. I think to myself.





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