Locked Away


I am Maddy Stark.
I have been in a cryosleep chamber for a long time, as an experiment of mine. He is Howard Stark. We created the basis for Captain America together, and I designed other things as well that brought benefits to the world.

When Maddy is finally awakened, the world has changed. Thanos is trying to take over the world. Loki is helping the Avengers at Nick Fury's insistence. Will Maddy fall for Loki? Or will Tony keep her locked away from him?


4. Steve

A/N Hey hey! Just so you know, this is set after the Avengers, the Iron Man movies, Thor and maybe Thor The Dark World (WHICH I SAW. AND CRIED OVER. *sniff*)


Steve POV


I couldn't sleep, so I left my New York apartment and and came to the one place I can think.

New York has changed so much since I was last here, in 1945. As I hit the punching bag, over and over, making sure to hold back, I become lost in my memories.


Punch. Punch.

Finally getting to join the army.

Punch. Punch.

Meeting Peggy for the first time.

Punch. Punch.

Changing from normal Steve Rogers into Captain America.

Punch. Punch.

Hopelessly watching Bucky fall, knowing there was nothing I could do.



I snap out of my memories and see that I'm attcking empty air. I look over to the other side of the room. Predictably, the punching bag is all the way over there, about 10 metres away.

The easy-use cellphone I got from Stark buzzes. I pick it up, just too late. It tells me that there's now a voice mail and to access it I have to push the button on top of the phone. I push the button and hold the phone's speaker to my ear. Stark's voice comes through the speaker, sounding slightly worried.

"Hey, Capsicle. You need to come to 13 Maple Street ASAP. Just in case you still haven't figured out how to hear the message, it's 13 MAPLE STREET ASAP!!!!!!!!!!"

He yelled the last three words, and since I was in such close vicinity to the speaker when he yelled, I got such a shock I threw the phone away from me and at the wall. Thank goodness Stark had the foresight to put a very strong cover on the phone, otherwise it would, in all likelihood, just be a pile of parts on the floor.

 The street name he said buzzes through my head. 13 Maple Street. I've heard that name before, but I can't remember where.


I leave most of my things, and walk quickly to my motorbike while putting on my jacket. I swing myself onto the bike and kick-start it. I roar off down the street, past my apartment, and without even thinking about it, I arrive at Maple street. I slow the bike down and look at the letterboxes to figure out where I'm going.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 17...

I stop my bike and turn around, noticing that I missed 13 because of all the cars parked in front of it. I leave my motorbike and hope that it will be safe.

Walking up to the building, I notice gards stationed around the house. Those must be doors and windows, common exit points, so whoever's inside must be quite dangerous.

Stark walks out, sees me and motions me over.

"Hey Cap, um, I called you because we found something in one of Howard's labs, this one," He sticks his thumb over his shoulder to clarify. "We thought you might know who they are."

"A, who? Not an it?"

"No, definitely not an it, because it is a she."

He pulls me inside and we walk down a hallway that sparks a memory in my mind. Stark walks on and then, noticing that I have stopped, turns around.

"Keep up, Capsicle."

I'm looking around, and as I do, I remember more and more of this place.

"I know this place, I've been here before. This is one of your father's workplaces, I came here sometimes when I wasn't on a mission or out in a warcamp."

I start walking, past Stark, down the hall, past doors, into the basement. I push through the people surrounding the person in a corner. They are wrapped in a blanket, and look up as I stand in front of them. I see her face and my heart skips several beats.

"Maddy? Is that you?"

I whisper, unsure of what I'm seeing. Maddy looks at me and her face is confused.

"Steve? When am I?"


Maddy POV

I see someone stand in front of me, but I don't look up.

"Maddy? Is that you?"

They whisper, and I know that voice. I'm so shocked that I look up. It's Steve, but how?

"Steve? When am I?"

I hope he'll understand, I'm not crazy, I need to know the year.

He looks confused, then he understands.

"We're in a different century, Maddy, the twenty-first, I think."

Steve turns his head and I see Howard. But this person isn't Howard, they're different.

"Oh, Maddy, this is Tony. He's..."

Steve trails off and I know exactly what he's going to say. I shake my head, and he pulls me into a hug and whisper's "Why?" in my ear.

"Because he would become incredibly confused, then angry. His colours are unbalanced already, a shock could send the orange and red rocketing."


"I have an idea, just go with it."

He pulls away, and I pretend to fall asleep/faint. Steve picks me up and I hear him explaining to 'Tony' that I was exhausted and I need to be taken to a secure location, now.

'Tony' agrees, and says something about a Stark tower.

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