That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
1D ( no famous )


6. Seeing Them.


After taking a shower, drying my hair, and applying my makeup and putting on nice clothes, i walk downstairs to see a nice looking Zayn, Louis and Harry. They smiled and watched Harry's and I's gaze. I blushed and walked to the door. Once we got in Harry's jeep, i started getting excited.

'' where are we going?''

'' Surprise. Just wait Jenny!'' Zayn said.

I groaned and crossed my arms. It was had waiting but once we got there, my screamed. It was one of the hottest and most expensive restaurants ever! I forget the name but O.M.G.

'' NO WAY!''

'' Yes way! Happy birthday Jenny.'' Louis said.

We got out and i hugged them. We were walking towards the door when we ran into Liam and Niall. I stoped short and held back a sob from coming out. Yeah, a sob. Liam and Niall were there and i missed them! They looked at us shocked and i backed up, stuttering and tripping on my feet.

'' Jenny!'' Niall said.

He walked over but i just kept backing up. Liam was staring at Harry, Zayn and Louis. I screamed for Harry and he snapped back to reality and ran over. Niall stoped and looked at me shocked. I dont know why i was afraid of Niall and Liam coming over, but they left us and i dont know f i want him to hug me. Its not that i dont like them, its just that since they arent with us anymore, they seem different.

'' What do you guys want?'' Harry said after Zayn and Louis made their way to my sides.

I turned around and Hugged Zayn. I considered him as my brother because he understood me. I was shaking. I heard Liam speak and i started crying at the sound of his deep, harsh voice. Niall was still confused.

'' Shh, Jenny. Its going to be ok..'' Zayn whispered.

I nodded in his chest and heard someone whimper loudly. I peeked and saw Louis holding his face. It was red and blood gushed out. I felt someone grab me and take me away from Zayn. It was Niall.

'' Let me go!'' I sreamed.

'' NO. You'll have to see your little boyfriends get beat up..'' He smiled.

What was up with Niall! I saw Liam throw a punch at Harry's face. I screamed and i heard sirens come from far. But the boys were to busy to hear. I screamed at them to not hit Liam back and they stoped when the cops came in.

'' FREEZE ALL OF YOU.'' the cop yelled.

I freed myself from Niall's grip and ran to the cops. I was a mess and might be arrested by the cops on my birthday. I told the cops the whole story and they nodded. Nobody was taken away but this is THE WORST birthday ever.

Once the cops told us we could leave, i rushed to the car and waited for the boys. The whole way home, the boys said the were sorry millions of times but i just gave them the silent treatment. I wanted this to be the perfect night.

'' Jenny! We are sorry. '' They said in unison this time.

I nod and look out the window. Once we park home, i go upstairs and take my makeup off and lock myself in my room. The boys voice are loud against my door and they didnt leave until it was 1 am.

I dont even know what to do anymore.

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