That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
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1. Secrets.


I was that good girl. You know, like never having detention and bringing papers that were due to my teachers. And i really had  no friends. At least i thought i did when i got invited to a party. It was weird, because i never got invited to these kinds of thing, in my case. It went like this.

" Hey you. "

" Me? " I say turning around from my locker.

The boy, and should i say hot looking boy nodded and made his to me. I grew nervous. Not one boy has spoken to me since 7th grade. And im in 11th grade now. My palms got all sweaty and i whipped them on my skin tight jeans.

" Whats your name, pretty girl? " he asked.

I blushed at the compliment and bit my lip.

" Jenny. Why do you care? " i say sassily.

" Hmm, a little sassy arent you? Not what i thought. Haha. Ok well Jenny, im Harry Styles. Im in your grade, and so are my boys-" as if on cue four strong, scary and mysterious boys walked behind him " Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. And were inviting you to a party tonight. Interrested? " Harry asked.

I thought for a second. I mean boys inviting me to a party NEVER happened. But then i have a math exam tomorrow, and a paper due in french class. And the list went on. Ugh. Goddamn homework was always in the way. Wait. What am I saying?

" I wish i could but i have homework and- "

I was cut of by Zayn, i suppose, pushing me against my locker. His eyes searching mine, and his breath making its way to my neck. I shiver. Zayn bends down and kisses my neck, and i suddenly forgot about my homework and concentraded on my breathing. I bit my lip and let out a small moan. The boys chuckle and a teacher walks by.

" No sexual desires kids. Detention, all of you. " the teacher says.

Zayn pulls away, smirking at the fresh love bite he left of my neck. Detention? Really? Aw man. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis walk away, smirking and i get back to my locker. They all stop and look at me.

" I hope you will be there, Jenny...." Niall says

I got my books out for my next class, that i had with the one and only, guy that gave me a love bite. A group of the popular girls walk by and Heather stops suddenly, seeing my love bite. She glanced at her friends and made her way over to me.

" Did Zayn give you that? " she asks.

I nod and gulp.

" Watch out, Jenny. They are bad news. They are in a gang i hope you know that. " she says before leaving.

A gang? Shit. My mom and dad would freak if they knew i hung out with people like that. I made my way to class and the bell rang, before i even got in. I blush in embarrasement and sit next to the only empty seat, next to Zayn. He smiles and looks down my black v-neck tee, revealing my size 32 DD size breasts. Then, the teacher said the most awful thing ever.

" The person you are sitting next too, will do a science project with you. "

I look to my left, trembling when i see Zayn smirking, all eyes on us. 

The rest of the day, i suffered listening to Zayn, whispering seducive things in my ear, making my shiver and move away from him, trying to concentrate on our work. And i was glad that it was my last class. Before closing my locker, Harry appears infront of me. I look up to his green eyes.

" Yeah? "

" Look, Jenny. I hope you come tonight ok? Its going to be awesome and-"

" Harry, I will see. But i need to go. " i say cutting him off and making my way to the exit.

" Wear something that will make your bum look good!" he says before smirking.

I roll my eyes and run out to my car. I hope in and speed away, to my house where i drop my bag and run straight up my room. Well, I was halfway up the stairs when mom called me. I ran back down, groaning in anger. Man, i had to change my attitude. 

" Jenny, do you have any homework, dear? " mom asked.

" Yeah i do. But im going to a party... " i say.

" Young lady, change your tone right now. You are not going to a party on a school night understood? "

" Mom, homework is annoying ok? Let it be. " I say angrily.

My eyes shut close when i felt a slap on my face. Honestly, that is the first time ever, that my mom has slapped me. I swear i was about to hit back when i walked up my room and stripped to change for the party. Hell yeah i was going. She couldnt controle me. I turned up Hold On Were Going Home by Drake so loud, that i couldnt hear my mom yell at me. I walked into my closet  and looked at my clothes. I grabbed a  white tank top, revealing a big clevage and grabbed a pair of black, tight skinny jeans with black strappy heals. I know, it doesnt sound super formal, but why should i care. I applied eyeliner, mascara and blush and tip toed downstairs and heared a honk. Who is that?

" Do you got that Jen?"

" Yep. " I yelled back at mom.

I open the door and see a smirking Liam smiling at me. I walk to his mustang and jump in. He eyed me and smirked.

" Followed Harrys rule huh. "

" How do you know wear i live? " i ask curiously.

" I live right infront of you. " Liam answers.

Liam drives extremely fast to some persons house and stops the car. Music blasted through the windows and teenagers walked out to smoke and make out. I got out of the car and followed Liam into the house full of sweaty, drunk, grinding bodies. We make our way over to the rest of the gang and the boys whistle at my outfit. Harry walked over and whispered in my ear.

" Decided to come and make me horny huh. Nice job Jenny. " he says huskily.

i glance down and see a growing erection. I blush and step away from Harry, going to grab a shot of vodka. I think downed more than one. But it was so amazing! I walk to the dance floor and dance randomly with some guy. I see Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn following Harry outside and i decide to follow them secretly. The cold air hits me and i shiver. I hit behind a bush and see Trevor, a 10th grader flat against the brick wall, the gang surrounding him.

" Do you have the cash Trevor? " Niall asks in a low voice.

" N-no im sorry i... i forgot!" He whimpered.

Harry growled and kicked him in the stomach. Trevor fell down, coughing for air.

" WHY DONT YOU HAVE MY MONEY! " Harry yelled furiously.

Trevor caught his breath and sat up, breathing out his answer.

" Homework, school, i didnt have time to sell your drugs, im sorry!" He breathed out.

Harry threw another kick, on his arm and Trevor moaned in pain. I gasped loudly and moved the bush. The boys looked over to where i was. I back away, slowly and quietly.

" JENNY! " Zayn yelled.

I screamed and got up running to the back of the house. The boys caught up, as i fell because i obviously had heels on. They chuckled and picked me up. 

" You were not supposed to see that. Just come with us. Nothing will go wrong. " Harry said.

They took me to Liams car, to where we drove away. I was silently crying. Was i learning stuff that they actually do, just now? Was i the one going crazy, or did i actually wanted to be part of this gang?

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