That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
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3. Nightmares


I was alone. Somewhere cold, and dark. I couldnt see much, but i shivered in fear as wind crept over my uncovered body. Something wasnt right here, and i couldnt point my finger on it. A hand suddenly pulled my hair and i looked up, to eyes that i knew so well, but forgot about.

'' Someone has run away from us. You went with that gang, and you knew that if you hung out with that kind of people, we would hurt you. We said physically, when your alive. But now... you can feel pain, when your gone!'' a voice that reconized as my mom's.

She backed away and i heard a bullet. My hand went to my shoulder, a warm liquid spread. I screamed as darkness crept through me.


I shot up, panting and gasping for air as my room dark smacked open with a shirtless Harry in boxers, pale and worried stared at me. I shivered and fell back to my bed, as Harry walked over.

'' Jenny. I heard screaming are you ok?'' he asked.

It felt as if the dream was real. Pain shot up my right shoulder as i moaned in pain. Harry looked at me. Sill waiting for an answer, Harry paced around the room.

'' Jenny! Answer me please!'' he pleaded. '' What happened?''

'' I had a bad dream, about... about me, dying..'' I say whispering.

Harry walked over and sat on my bed, his hand on my bare leg. His other hand moved the hair that stuck on my forehead. I had a few nightmares but not this one. This wasthe first in a long time. Why now? And only a few houres before school? SCHOOL! Oh shit what will people think of me now?!

'' Well are you ok now?'' Harry asked.

'' Yeah, i am. '' I say, unsure.

Harry gets up, but i grab his arm, forcefully, and stoped him. He turns around, his expression changed from worried to frowned and confused.

'' Can you... stay with me? Please..'' I say shyly.

Harry doesnt think twice about it. He gets into my bed, and covers us up in the blankets. I turned to my side and closed my eyes, trying to think about happy things. A warm body pushes up againt mine, and i feel Harry's breathing on my neck. I fall sleep in no time, listening to Harry's breathing.



I wake up but keep my eyes closed as my door creaks open and I hear Louis and Niall giggle at us snuggling. Harry's leg was ontop of mine, and his lips were on my neck. I stopped a smile from forming on my lips at the fact that he was almost ontop of me.

'' He cant fall in love with her, lad. Or sleep with her. Liam will be pissed cuz he likes her real bad.'' Niall whispered.

'' Maybe she was just afraid of the dark?'' Louis answers.

Silence came and Louis received a slap from Niall. I laughed silently at them and kept my eyes closed. They made their way over to the bed, and shook Harry. They were trying to wake him up, but duh he is a deep sleeper. Harry groaned and his lips tore apart from my neck.

'' Uhh, Haz, school starts in an hour by the way...'' Niall said, leaving out the fact that he was sleeping with me.

Harry letot an ok and i opened my eyes, and see Louis and Niall tip toeing out of my bedroom.

Ugh, im still here. I thought this was just a nightmare and all.But im now part of this gang. As much as i wanted to leave, i wanted to stay too. I turn around to Harry, our lips so close as we stare in our eyes. I  stared into them, admiring the fact that they are so green and awesome.

'' I, um... i should go get ready...'' i stutter as i get out of bed.

I climb over Harry but he catches me arm this time, and spins me around, his lips hovering over mine. His eyes were closed, and his hands made his way over to my hips, pulling me closer, lips still not touching.

'' We bought you some clothes...'' he winced when my lips touched his, '' and just.. go get ready.''

I frowned and made my way to my dresser. Hm, just tight, slutty clothing. I guess this is all i have. I slipped on ripped skinny jeans, with dirty combat boots and a white tee with a leather jacket. I definietly looked like rebel Jenny. People wouldnt recongnize me at all. I was diferent i guess. I walked downstairs to eggs and bacon cooking. Harry and Zayn were still upstairs probably making their hair look good. Niall smiled at me.

'' Looks like you've found the clothes. Here's you food. You will be following us around at school, and were leaving for school in 30 minutes ok? I'll go get Harry and Zayn.'' he says.

He yelled at the boys and i ate my food quickly, and ran up to brush my teeth. I was deinietly ready for boys coming after me now. And probably ditching my classes, and detention.Buti was ready for it. Bring on the bad.



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