That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
1D ( no famous )


11. Clubbin'

I wake up a few hours later and see that its 5 pm. I look to my right and see Niall. I shake him and start jumping on the bed.


Liam comes rushing in the room, alarmed.

I look at him and smile. I silently point at Niall sleeping and Liam leaves. Minutes later he comes back with a bucket of water. He dumps it on Niall's face. Niall shoots his head up, and looks at me then Liam. i jump off the bed and Niall starts laughing. I smile. Im actually happy.

" Ok. You two wanted to go to a club? Well lets get ready then!" Liam says.

I grin and help Niall clean up, and lead him to my door. Before he walks out of my door, he grabs my hips and kisses my lips. i kiss him back, then push him out of my room. I wink at him. He blushes and grins. Niall giggled and then walks away. I laugh a little at his cute behaviour then close my door. I dig into my suitcase until i finally find a strapless, tight, black dress that ends no more than a few inches under my bum. I grab my heels and go into my bathroom.

i curl my hair and add eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and a little tiny but of blush. i look at the time. 6 pm already? wow i take a lot of time. I walk out my door and am greeted by a good looking Liam. His hair is all gelled up, and he's wearing jeans and a butto up shirt. Minutes later we are encountered by Niall, who us wearing jeans and a tang top. Damn he looks so hot! We call a cab, who arrives at our place in minutes.

i walk outside with Liam and Niall who get in the cab. i bend down, and blush in embarresmemt as my dress slided up, showing my lace undies. A low and almost unheard moan comes out of Liam and a groan from Niall. I smirk and play on my phone as we drive to this club.

Once we get there, Niall pays the cab and tells him to come later at night. I walk in and go straight to the bar. The dance floor is full or drunk, sweaty, grinding bodies and i smile. Cant wait to get into that. I order a few shots of vodka as the boys order some strong liquor that i cannot wait to try.

I grab the shots downing them, and wincing as the strong liquor runs down my throat. I grab another and look at Niall and Liam. They already look drunk. Once i take about three more shots, i decide that im done for a while. I make my way to the dance floor and grab a guy. He smirks at me and turns me around. I grind my bum on his already growing erection and attach my hands to his sweaty neck. I decide that i've had enough so i turn around and kiss him. He moans when my hand slowly goes down to his tight skinny jeans, touching his crotch.

He grabs my hand and takes us outside, where im stumbling my way to keep up with him. He chuckles and waves at a taxi. once we get in, we are all over each other.

Little did i know, it was someone that i never wanted to see again.

A/N: ohhh Cliff-hanger(: i couldnt wait to update im starting to really like this! I hope you guys are enjoying thid as much as i am! i promise to update tomorrow or maybe on the 26th ok(:


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