That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
1D ( no famous )


12. Close One

I groan as i wake up, my head pounding from last night. My eyes closed but shot open again as i looked at my surroundings. This place lools really familiar. Too familiar. I turn my head around to see curly locks, and a naked chest full of tattoos.


No way. Damn it. I turn around and mentally slap myself. I need to get out of here as soon as possible. I slowly get out of Harry's grip, and quickly, but quietly put my tight dress on and grab my heels, tip toeing out of his room. No one is awakened yet. Yes. I go in the kitchen and dial Niall's number.

Please pick up! i thought.

" Hello?" Niall says, his voice raspy.

" Niall you have to come pick me up and-"

" Jen? Where were you?! " Niall whisper-shouts.

" never mind that. please come get me. I sorta kinda slept with Harry without knowing you need to come get me." i reply.

He sighs and hangs up, telling me he will come and get me. I slowly go outside, and shiver as the cold air hits me. I shouldve brought a coat.

Ten minutes later, im in Niall's car, getting warmed up, telling him my story, as we make our way home.

Now i just have to tell Liam that..

A/N: Not what you though eh? Just a small update because its Christmas(: Hope you guys understand(:


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